Crankroll tutorial request

I’ve been wanting to learn them for a while but I really can’t figure them out, if someone could write an explanation of some sort or even do a video tutorial if it’s not too much work that would be great. Thanks

Here’s one that’s been out for a while by Shaun J

EDit: OOPs i read that wrong sorry, I was thinking crankflip

Here’s a basic, not very detailed explanation/tutorial that I just wrote after feeling stupid for that other post,

1 Start out jumping SIF
2 Start doing a leg wrap but don’t go all the way around to the pedals, go till you get to the tire
3 Push the tire forward and let the crank roll 180 degrees under your foot while it is balancing on the end of the crank (opposite of the pedal)
4 Finish the leg wrap to pedal (with the foot that pushed on the tire) and ride away.

thanks, don’t worry about the last post I figured someone would eventually misread it…

bump anyone else have any advice? a tutorial or something they would like to write up please?

Practice it on a slight downhill. You need to get the transition between switching your feet really smooth or it will go badly.
Other than that just practice it a bunch, if you want I can film it from a few different angles so you can see hand positioning and stuff.

Oh and I assume you are talking about the rolling wrap?

yeah a video would be great, and that’s what I was talking about, the one you do in some of your videos, and thanks spencer.

bump anyone else have any advice? and spencer, the thing I am talking about is the thing you do in your 7.7.7 video thanks!

What type of cranks are you trying to do them on?

right now, 06 DX cranks but I am ordering a Nimbus X freestyle soon (as in this week-ish)

From my personal experience, the DX cranks are one of the the worst out there for crankrolls because of how the pinch bolt is though it is possible (I’ve done it)

yeah I figured as much… I can finally afford an ok freestyle uni now though, and will be ordering it soon, figured I’d ask for the help now when it’s harder to learn them and get proficient with them before getting the new uni.

Hate to say it but it will probably be easier with your dx. All of the freestyle cranks I have seen look really bad for crankroll tricks. I dont think the pinchbolt should matter too much.
I havent forgotten about the video, I think I will film it for you tomorrow.

Thanks spencer, I appreiciate it.

I can’t do crank rolls on any of my uni’s except my Nimbus X

Yea my feet just slip off on the kh moment cranks, is that just me or…?

Use grip tape, it makes it way easier. Moment cranks aren’t the best shape for roll tricks anyway, but still very possible.

Here is the video, I am not sure if it will help much but you can see where my hands go and stuff.

the video was good it should help me out a bit. thanks again.

Yea I’ve been working on these too. But just the single crank-roll (as in a single leg-wrap with a roll) as opposed to the seat-wrap type one on Spencer’s video. I’ve got a GP and the cranks on that (same as '04 KH and Summit trials i think) are pretty horrible as they have such a thin surface area where you put your foot. My brother has the DX and I find those cranks really nice for it as they’re so wide and round.

Thanks for the video Spencer, it helped me too

I’m actually having problems with foot positioning. Like how much foot should there be on the crank before doing the crankroll so that i have something to stand on when the crank rolls. Could you maybe do a zoom in on the feet?