Crankflip Tutorial

Crankflip Tutorial


-Shaun Johanneson

That was really cool, it would have helped me a lot a while ago:)

I never learned the zero plant…I am not sure I could even do that now:o

I want to see more of them, it reminds me a lot of the Tony Hawk trick tips vids.

Oh and that 18 set was funny.

thank you sssooooooo much! I hadn’t even thout of doing to first 2 steps, and I was having a lot of problems. Tommorow I’m going to practise them. I loved the end:) It must be weird making yourself fall on a crankflip;)

thanks alot!

hey can someone put it in the gallery?

sure, I’ll try.

I jsut practised the zero plants, and no matter what i tried, the wheel would spin really slowly. what should I do?

Yay, i just landed a few zero plants, its tricky to get the wheel spinning just the amount you want to,

Mornish, im not sure exactly what you should do to get the wheel spinning, just kick it lol, imagine your doing a kickflip or something on a skateboard?


oh ps. When trying these WEAR LEG ARMOUR!!! the back of my leg is all bloody :frowning:

that’s why I put on my plastic pedals:) thanks for that tip. I’ll try it tommorow.

That’s nice.

Are you going to make any more??? Soo helpful.

Yeah…Whats the next tutorial gonna be, i cant wait.

WHHHHHHY? Why, why why why why put it up on youtube??

Rock on!

because youtube is a really quick and easy place to upload videos?

very helpful, thanks for takin the time to make it.


I should a put use plastic pedals, lol. Which tutorial should I make next? I’m not sure if i’ll have time for another one before I leave for awhile. I could try to make one there… Which tutorial would you want to see next? I’m thinking 180flips, hichflip, treyflips. 180flip would probably be the next trick people should learn, but that’s just me. I hope I was a big help to all that don’t know it yet, and hope i’m a big help to stop the threads asking about it for those of whom can do it, lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Sorry about youtube, lol. It’s just what I use. Sorry

Is there really nay difficulty in doing a 180flip if you can already flip?? I think trey flips would definately be a better next step, but thats just me.

i am going to go try some stuff and see if it help me

Youtube sucks! The unicyclist galleries are soo much better!(When they work!)
Also, youtube is blocked from my work! Everyone seems to use it now, so I can never watch videos anymore!:frowning:

Rock on!

it makes me want to try to go learn a crankflip…

yes 180 flips are harder and they take practice… and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA trey flips next step ? thats probly the hardest spin/flip trick out there buddy… how about hick flips ? sex change 180 flip outflips and inflips first?

how bout some tips on backflips. i’ve heard it’s really hard to learn back after you’ve already learned front.