Crank Brothers Stamp Pedals

Anyone using/used Crank Brothers Stamp Pedals?

I hurt my foot towards the end of last year so had to ditch my clipless pedals on my bike because I couldn’t wear my biking shoes anymore. I did a bit of research looking for some of the biggest platform pedals I could find, the Crank Bros Stamp (size large) made it to the top of the list.

I’ve been riding them on my bike since beginning of the year, I have about 300 miles on them so far and they are GREAT!

I put them on my 29er Uni and was able to ride pretty much pain free, they spread the weight out on my foot so my toes don’t hang over the front, I can keep my foot from flexing at the ball of my foot.

I used some keen low hiker shoes for a while and the grip was o.k., then I switched over to my 5.10 freeriders and the grip is awesome! On my bike I feel very close to the feeling of being clipped in.

When I scrape up enough change I’ll get another pair for my Uni. Definitely one of the better purchases I have made lately.

I found them on ebay for around $75 usd.

I’ll add that I have big feet (size 13), so these pedals probably feel to me like a person with regular sized feet on regular sized pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the feedback, I may get a pair of the large size.

How big are the ‘large’ ones exactly? As a fellow owner of size ‘hilariously large’ feet I tend to research my pedals a fair bit to ensure my feet will actually fit on them!

The description I saw said they are 114 x 111mm (about 4-1/2 x 4-3/8")

“The larger version of the Stamp, designed for riders with a US size 10-15 foot, has a platform that measures 114 x 111mm, while the smaller version’s platform measures 100 x 100mm. The aluminum body has a very slightly concave shape, tapering from 14mm at the outer edges down to 12mm in the center, with ten traction pins on each side. The height of the pins can be adjusted to fine tune the amount of traction they provide by threading them further in or out of the platform.”
From: Crankbrothers Stamp Pedals - Review - Pinkbike

Thanks for the link! Those are good looking pedals. Am I ready to shell out $150 for really good looking pedals? Not so much, but if money weren’t an object I’d definitely try them.

I like red.

like I said, you can get them brand new on ebay for around 75 bucks.

I have crankbrothers 5050 3 on my Muni. I myself wouldn’t pay that kind of money for pedals, but the previous owner did. They are definetely nice, but I don’t think they would be worth the extra compared to just a regular pair of platform pedals to me.

In my experience, a lot of times when people think their pedals are not grippy enough, slipping of the pedal is actually just a symptom of a fault in technique somewhere else. I thought I was slipping of the pedals on big sidehops because I was using bald plastic pedals for a long time, but it turned out that when I put my old aluminum ones back on it was just my tuck that was terrible.

Disclaimer: I guess I am a very insensitive person when it comes to pedals, I even ride mismatched ones on my freestyle.

Of course! I should have checked. Apparently there are 3 iterations of these sexy pedals. I found the Stamp 2, which comes in red, for $70 and free (Prime) shipping. Definitely makes them more attractive!