Craigslist Giraffe Temptation

I stumbled across a $50(USD) (OBO ie I’ll take what I can get.) 5’ giraffe on craigslist. The person selling it most likely doesn’t unicycle as it doesn’t mention a make, wheel size, or even the fact that it’s a GIRAFFE! I’m very tempted by this despite having no real interest in getting a giraffe. I have a trials uni and an old 24" schwinn. I’m looking at getting a 36er soon. Should I get this? Those of you who have giraffes is it something you enjoy riding or was it one of those things where it’s basically just for show you know cool until the novelty wears off? If I got bored with it, how difficult would it be to swap out the cog in order to get beneficial gear ratio? I don’t want a new wall ornament, but giraffes are cool and it’s cheap. Any input would be helpful :smiley:

We don’t know anything about it either, though it’s hard to imagine it not being worth $50 unless it’s damaged. How about a link to the ad?

Giraffes are under-rated…

If you want my opinion, I think Giraffes are a unique kind of fun. Since I started riding my 36er in February of this year, I haven’t been riding the Giraffe very much (after putting in hundreds of miles in on the 36er over the last few months, it makes the 20" wheel with 175 Profile cranks feel very dangerous!) I used to ride the Giraffe (a 1991 Tom Miller - Unicycle Factory) for 10 to 20 mile adventures on a regular basis. Crossed bridges, tried clipless pedals, played my Alto Sax on it, etc…a lot of fun. I’d say go for it, and if it ends up being a piece, you can upgrade to a new one. is the ad. Normally a giraffe would be at the bottom of my unis to get list, but it seems like a pretty good deal. I might have to go check it out.

Quit waffling and go get it! I’ve replied to an ad like that within an hour of it getting posted and still missed it. :frowning:
I have RSS feeds to both Craigslist and Kijiji for “unicycle”…

If you get bored of it, ship it to me!


there is a similar ad for a $40 homemade giraffe on my local cl.

I bought a Torker giraffe recently for $65. I am too scared to even try to ride it, but it looks cool hanging off the ceiling in my garage :slight_smile:

My plan is to attempt riding it after I my idling gets really solid.

The seller of the $50 giraffe hasn’t given us much to work with. Still, it’s hard to go wrong for $50. Clearly a crap seat on it, though that only starts getting important if you ride it a lot.

The $40 giraffe package Reed pointed out looks like a much better deal, though it’s a crapshoot with homemade giraffes. You get two different wheels, a better seat (Viscount) and only $40!

hey john wannna go 20/20 on that uni? i just want to try a giraffe. but i bet you have some anyway

I bet the $50 one is a Torker.

To me giraffe riding is a blast. I’ve always seen unicycling in general as kind of a silly hobby. With that view giraffe riding is the pinnacle of unicycling.

Personally I own a 5 foot Nimbus, a 5 1/2 ft Schwinn and have a 7 foot Unicycle Factory Giraffe on loan. The higher they are, the more fun they are!

So of course I recommend you buy the $50 one. Keep in mind the ad said “OBO” (or best offer).

As a reminder, it’s recommended you be able to ride forward, backward and idle well before trying a giraffe.

Thanks for the response. Yesterday, I arranged to meet with him today. When I called him today, he said he had already sold it. :angry:

You should come over and try one. I have a Schwinn Giraffe, a Carpenter 5’ and a Unicycle Factory 9’. How about Sunday? Got a race on Saturday. Send email for details. Until we know each other better, you’re on your own for the $40. It sounds like a killer deal, long as the giraffe is solidly made.

meh, one out of three isn’t bad. I built a short giraffe a few years ago and found that it was much easier to idle and ride backwards than a regular unicycle, skills that I still don’t quite have in the bag.

i dont think my parents would appreciate me buying ANOTHER unicycle. yet. its my birthday next week, but im getting (bi)cycling stuff. how about sunday morning at around 10:30/11? i have my bday bbq at 1 so that should leave plenty of time