cracked rim

I just finished lacing a new hub to my old Tryall rim. As I was truing the wheel I noticed some hairline cracks in the rim, not where the nipples attach to but in the second wall. There are maybe 7 or 8 different places where it is cracked between the drillouts and the spoke holes. So…is this something I should worry about? Should I be taking the rim and having those little cracks tack welded so no serious problem ensues? Maybe it’s of no consequence. Please leave your fact or opinion.

can you put pics up please

That is how most trials rims eventually die. There is not really much that you can do about it. Once too many of the little bridges break the rim loses a lot of strength and will be more likely to deform or break.

This is why 32 spoke wheels would actually be stronger than 36h in a drilled trials rim.

If that were true I’m pretty sure 32h would have come earlier.

And yes that’s pretty normal especially with drilled rims. Not much you can do about it, but a rim with hairline cracks like that can still live for quite a while! :smiley:

Ok, I’ll just ride it till it dies. Too bad that nothing really can be done about the problem.:frowning: Thanks for the replies.

same thing happened to my old KH rim. not a whole lot you can do except put a good rim strip on and hope they don’t poke through when they break all the way.

Why? Based on the idea that things are always invented/improved in the most logical order?

I think Saskatchewanian is saying that the 32-spoked rim should be stronger due to less holes (or more metal between the holes). At first you may think you’re adding some weight, but not when you factor in the loss of six spokes & nipples…