Cool pics?

Does anyone have cool uniing pics? I’m making an xbox backround and thought i might make a unicycling one. I couldnt find anything in the gallery in the time i looked at it.

Start here:

Have a good time! - go to the images page. Some of the coolest unicycling pics I’ve seen.

yes I would have to agree with you there munimanpete. and when you go to the pictures the ones that say good pics really truly are the best pics

Wow John, those are some great photos! It’s a shame that site doesn’t let you save them. The one of Zach gapping over the rocks with the lake in the background was particularly nice. Some great trails around there too!


ya John Your Pics ROck my socks!!!

Sorry about that, it’s for copyright protection. I occasionally sell my pictures to magazines.

There are three ways you can get your own copies:

  1. Order prints. When you come upon an image you like, Click on “add to cart.” There is a ridiculous number of sizes you can choose from. By ordering prints, you do a slight part to help me cover my expenses in that area.

  2. You can always make screenshots of them, which is intentionally a hassle.

  3. If you really like some, send me an email and I can forward you the files. For the Smugmug pictures, I guess the easiest way to identify images is to send me the URL of each one you like.

you can save pics on the threads just right click and go to save as? :slight_smile:

Yeah, but he has it blocked so when you right click an alert box pops up.
I usually know a way to get past that alert box, and be able to Save Target As… for most pictures, but even that doesn’t work on his site! Darn.

I figured I’d just do a screenshot of the ones I really liked. So are you paying to have these photos up on Smugmug?

What sort of magazines have you sold pictures to?

They’re beautiful, well framed pictures…great work!


it worked for me i saved the pics off of new KH frames and wieghts? i dont understand why it doesnt work for you? are you talking about a different web page?

everyone else is talking about the pictures here:

i have found that some of the pictures are locked but others arent. for example the pictures in the “other muni” folders are not locked.

there is no warning for me? :thinking: i can save all of them? :thinking:

you must be in an album where saving pictures is allowed. if you go here

you wont be able to right click.

on a more relevant note, some of my favorite uni pics can be found at these sites: (a classic album)
and of course :smiley: :

ooooooooooo i see :angry: