Connie Cotter moved to the UK!

Just wanted to inform you all that Connie has left MN and moved to the UK. The Twin Cities Unicycle Club will miss her but hopefully she can imitate our club over there and make another great world champion club! We have a new president now and I’m sure things will be different cause she did so much for our club. You’ll probably be seeing some level 10 riders in the UK in the near future! I know she’s been one the most postive and biggest role models in my life so far. I believe she went over there for two reasons; to go back to school to get her masters, and to be with some unicyclist named Roger! At least now we all have a good excuse to go over to the UK to visit her…

Connie, hope you don’t mind that I started this thread but I thought people should know that you’re not hanging around MN anymore.

But where in the UK? London maybe?

I’ve brought my brood of unicyclists (three of us) to London for the year. Are you anywhere near there Connie?

Failing that, who else is unicycling in London or can tell me what unicycling clubs are worth going to in London?

Up north somewhere…don’t know the city. Wherever Roger Davis lives.

Dear Connie:

They call it a ‘tyre’ over there!

Good luck


There are a bunch of unicyclists in and around london.

Lunis play unicycle hockey every thursday, this is a good way to meet a bunch of unicyclists in one go.

I think there aren’t any regular unicycling clubs in London other than lunis, but it isn’t that hard to get a good bunch of riders together if you can be bothered to organise to meet up. That’s what I always used to do.


Lunis are worth going along to, even if only to try out unicycle hockey. you may get hocked if you don;t play already. There is/was a youth circus group in Hammersmith, London, called “Alberts” AFAIK who included some unicye stuff, more on the freestyle/preforming side of things. keep an eye on the forum for news of London meets, they are informal get togethers to ride in central London mostly.


Link to Alberts I think you have to leave at 18, or become an instructor (this was the case a few years back). We should tell them that Lunis now meet 5minutes down the road, I keep forgetting to contact them.



I was just wondering if the “Roger” was the Roger. :slight_smile:

OO0 I don’t know. What d’you think?

Yes, Roger Davis is the culprit that swept her from her feet and stole her away from TCUC. :slight_smile:

Keg, Bruce. Bruce, Keg. You guys should hook up…perhaps for some muni in Swinley Forest. Keith, Bruce is one of our Seattle area gang now displaced to the UK. Bruce, Keith is one of the UK group that took such good care of me my last trip over, and hosted me to a day of riding in the Forest (and lent me their spare uni to do it). Good riders, good guys.

woo im gona get level 10 lol im really happy now xx

So is she still going to be the President of the USA?

I’m going to miss Bear. I will not miss his squeaky toys at 1:00 a.m. though.

Oh, and I’ll miss Connie, too. But nice move Connie. All the best to you and your endeavors.


So does this mean the US is now cotterless?

/ducks! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Welcome to the UK, Connie!

No, Andy’s still here! :slight_smile:

Best wishes for Connie and Roger! So I guess that “halfway” thing in Canada never worked out?

Connie will probably remain a US citizen, but I don’t think even that is required to be USA president.

No, citizenship is still a requirement. Intelligence, as we learn every day, is not. But that’s not an issue with Connie; she’s plenty smart.

Connie’s da bomb. Good luck Connie!

Digital hooking up done. This Thursday we’ll try for real-life hooking up and hockey. Thanks for all the information everyone!