Congratulations Roger and Connie

Congratulations to you both!

A message from them:
Roger Davies and Connie Cotter were married today at 2pm on 2 February, 2007 at Hokitika Gorge, Hokitika, New Zealand. Please go to:

We would love to see your comments in our guest book.

Pictures should be posted soon - but we have run into technical difficulties.

And congratulations from me, I guess you had to go for something unique :).

wow, I never saw that coming. Congratulations guys, wish you all the happiness for the future.


But that’s not for another four hours :thinking:

Ahh that’ll be how they got into the future then.

Anyway, congratulations to you both!



You got it all wrong it’s not until 6 hours.

time travling thread or the other side of the world you decide :roll_eyes:

This is what we, unicyclists, call “glamour”:smiley:
congratulations, I love you both;)

Felicitations! Congratulations! I have already signed your guestbook, but couldn’t help but say it again.

I’ll be thinking of you guys at 2:00pm my time on Feb. 2nd.


Mazel Tov!

And may your first child be a masculine child.

Yes it’s true :slight_smile:

Connie and Roger were married yesterday at 2.22pm on 2/2/2007 on a Swingbridge in the Hokitika Gorge.

It was raining. Then they kissed and the sun came out.

We’ll have some photos up on the SINZ website in a day or two. But I think the best photos are already on their blog.

Congratulations to them both.


p/s Happy 8th Birthday today Roger!

about bloody time, congrats.

Connie is a really nice person, from being unable to mount and after 1min of showing me the 2 techniques i mastered it within 5min :slight_smile:

I wonder what sort of unicycling super baby these two will create.

:astonished: holy fricken crap!!! i also never saw it coming!!!1111 but congratulations!!!

now u have to get married!!

For sure he or she will be a well-balanced kid!

Congrats you two! And in beautiful NZ to boot!

Congratulations! Jacquie and I kind of saw it coming, but not without a warning! Have a great time in NZ, and happily ever after.

Thanks for everyones nice comments, it has been really nice.

We have some of the photos up (thanks Neil) you can see them at:


Congratulations to you both :slight_smile:

Certainly the most interesting wedding pictures I’ve seen! I’m happy that I’ll (hopefully) never have to work out how to ride a unicycle in high winds wearing a wedding dress. Well done!



Three other options - Roger could become a Cotter, or they could both become Cotter-Davies or Davies-Cotter.