Coming Soon a Unicycle Shop In Arizona

Good news for you all! I am opening a Unicycle shop in Mesa, AZ and hope to have it up and running by the end of November. I currently carry Torker unicycles and accesories. Kris Holm products will be added soon and hopefully Knoxx products. What other products would you like to see us carry? We love your feed back and hope to hear from all of you!

knoxx=koxx one?

13ga. spokes and nipples available seperately .

Yeah I think that Nimbus are quickly becoming a must for all unicycle shops wanting to be at all competitive.

Also its Koxx-one not Knoxx. No x and without the “-one” its the bike company.

Sorry about the spelling that is wrong. As for Nimbus They are a UDC brand and I am in no way involved with them. I have talked to the people at Quax but have nt gotten to far with them at this point. I am hoping in the nnear future to have them.

Is there a big market in Mesa or are you going to be mostly mail order?

Most of my market is going to be by Internet but hoping to grow the local market becasue of intrest in the shop. My web site should be up and running in the next couple of weeks.


Kris Holm!

Just currious but you mention that you will have Kris Holm products. Are they not also controlled by UDC?


I am sponsored by Qu-Ax, so I know the owner… I believe he is wary of distributing in the USA through anything other then because of liability/insurance reasons, since they are based in Germany.

I don’t know how all that stuff works though.

No, they are controlled by Kris Holm. :slight_smile:

Yep that is right Kris Holm unicycles can be had from other places besides UDC. I am hoping to have them soon like I said just working out the final details. I am tring to get just as good of selection if not better but it will take time.

will you have onza unicycles as well?

like any bikeshop in the US…

I have tried to contact them and am hoping to work something out.

I really suggest against carrying onza products.

if you have the tensiles and the hog rims it would be good, but some of their stuff I don’t think is very good.

Could you elaborate please? I’m curious. Also which Tensiles? Tensile is a brand, not a product.

I thought this was a tensile???

tires,seats, seat post clamps, a few good shirts maybe, rims…those would be kinda nice to have in ur shop…