Coming Soon a Unicycle Shop In Arizona

But this is a Tensile too. It’s like the Honda or the other Honda I could choose between :wink:

Yes I’m aware that other places sell KH Unicycles. I purchased both of mine through my LBS, however my LBS so far hasn’t found another supplier other than UDC that distributes to dealers at dealer cost. As I’m located in Canada maybe that is the issue (but then again so is Kris located in Canada)

So, are you going to have an actual storefront? Or is it more of a ‘garage’ business? Let me know as I live a couple hours north of the Pheonix area and go through there often. If you have a storefront, I’d love to stop in and check it out.

I am going to have a store front. I am working on the built out right now. So currently i am sub leasing some space am not able to handle walk in buisiness there but I am hoping to have the store open soon so I can get so walk up interest and incress the Unicycle presence here in AZ.

nice i live on kingman! whats the web site?

That’s very cool. Once you’ve got an address, please post it. I’ll definitely come in and buy something from you.:slight_smile:

so UDC makes Nimbus, or is the only one that can sell it? i thought NImbus was and independent business, but i dont know too much about it.

yay! im in peoria az!
im available for sponserships when you get up and going.
i ride ALOT and ill spread the word

some products that would come in handy would be Carbon Fiber components like seat bases and handles.

wow i never thought this would happen in Arizona!
Riley Crosby

The Web Site is still underconstruction but I hope to have it done this week and I will let you all know about it.

Please keep us informed. I’m in Gilbert and would love to stop by and see what you’ll have to offer. I’m especially interested in some sort of new seat for my 26" torker LX. I have the link for the air saddle (thanks to this community) but I have a feeling I’ll manage to destroy at least one saddle before I get it right.

nimbus branded products are deisgned by Roger Davies of UDC UK, it is essentially the UDC own brand

why? I have an onza muni, and ive taken it off some pretty bigs drops (6+) and it is completly fine the only problem ive had with it is that the seatpost broke. onza’s stuff kicks ass

you are going to have to have house brand to be competitive in prices.\

i would stock the torker lx pedals to fur shure

wanllis seats

shlumph unicycles and hubs

ceremaic berings.

send me a PM i wanna work for you :stuck_out_tongue:
i live like 10 minutes away :)))