Combining different brands into a single Muni

Let’s say I want to build my own muni. A 27,5" wheel with up to 3" tires. I like parts from KH, parts from Mad4One and parts from QX.
Can I purchase all the separate parts and just build it up myself or will there be sizing differences?
I like the Mad4One frame, the KH saddle, the QX axle/hub and cranks and the Impact pedals (of course these will fit).
As far as I can see I only need to take into account 42mm bearings with a 100mm bearing pitch and the seatpost diameter, or am I missing something more here?


It’s is possible! As far a I know you don’t miss anything out.

Just a little sidenote: the QX elven is also a KH saddle, but with the big adventage that it doesn’t turn into a sponge after rain or falling into a puddle, which can be very nasty with the Fusion Freeride

And another one: a little weight comparement between the Mad4one frame and the QX rgb frame alle weights without screws and without bearing caps:
Mad4one M: 630 g
QX rgb 27,5: 533 g

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Hi @Becky98. I have to be honest here, I found the KH Fusion freeride saddle more likeable than the QX Eleven. It’s just more comfortable for my butt!! Maybe it’s a tad softer.


Hi @mark.vogels. I think it should work. If this is your plan, I’d get the whole wheel built by QX. That way there’s no messing about with getting the spokes right.

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Sure you can! Just make sure… cranks match hub interface, hub width matches frame width, seat post matches frame size and saddle matches seat post attachment.

The most common parts and sizes your going to run across buying new MUni parts are

-hub spacing 100 & 125mm
-hub/crank interface ISIS & Q axle
-seat post diameter 25.4 & 27.2
-post to saddle attachment 4 bolt or pivotal


Thanks for the explanation!
I was also considering the Fusion Street saddle, but I assume that it’ll be made out of the same material as the Freeride.

Yes, I’ve seen the difference, but I really like the colors that the Mad4One is available in, and the QX is made out of 6061 aluminum whereas the Mad4One is 7005 aluminum. Since 7005 can be used to make lighter frames and it isn’t lighter, it has to be stronger (assuming that it has been designed properly). It is also reinforced at the crown to prevent breaking the frame.

Although I have some experience with building wheels, and I have all the equipment in house to build my own wheels, I don’t think there’s much to gain here from doing it myself as I expect that these wheels are already hand built to begin with.

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Yes, it’s made of the same material just with less foam. It’s the outer fabric in the front and back of the KH saddles that allows to let water in and out. When riding trails at home it’s no a huge problem, but when beeing on conventions and you are camping, it happens often that people forget to put their saddles in a dry place when it rains and then they have a wet surprise the next day;) And of course when the uni falls into a puddle.

Isn’t almost everything compatible interchangeably, except for QX cranks?

Well, mostly. Some hubs (mostly on 36" or Fat Unis) are 125mm instead of 100mm. With a few hub/frame combinations the spokes can rub on the frame (But I think that I think all currently available ones are compatible, and you can fix that with a some grinding). Impact used different bearings on some frames for a while, some fatty Triton frames in combination require some cranks to be clearanced. KH chooses to have their brake on the right, so that’s obviously not fully compatible with everyone.

Bottom line, some problems that you aren’t expecting can happen, but those are rare. (And of course there are some obsolete standards out there, but I’m not getting into those)

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Do you have any experience with the handlesaddle from Mad4One as well?
I just read through the documentation and it looks quite interesting.

Well, that’s what I don’t know yet. I can imagine that a brand might use a different 42mm bearing than another brand. But i’m not sure if that’s the case (42mm is the diameter right?)…

Yes 42mm is the diameter, and all 42mm bearings on unicycles have the same width, so no issues there. I don’t think I’ve seen the exact setup you are looking at done yet, but it should work just fine.

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Of course, use the same hub and bearing form one brand. But a different frame, crank, pedals and seat/seatpost.
I like to mix and match, so this is pretty important to me.

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No I don’t. But I definitely recommend a handle since it makes braking way easier than with the standard set-up. Since I do also some unipacking on my muni I have a KH T-bar. I would recommend you to have also a look at the Ursli bar (I think called now mad extension or so at Mad4one) and at the Flansberrium tiny T-bar made by @jaco_flans (you can find him at Instagram under Flansberrium). If you do a lot of jumping and also trials I would recommend you to go for the Flansberrium tiny T-bar since it’s closer to your body.

To the handle saddle @muni_ben can tell you more.
And for the Flansberrium tiny T-bar @finnspin made his own version and his riding style probably matches the style you want to do.


And Mad4one frame with Quaxle hub should fit without problems. Maksym is riding it in that combination.

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Nice build, @mark.vogels

Now if you like wider tyres up to 3 inch and stability, consider throwing a KH Freeride rim in the mix. It’s the widest and lightest, although only available in black.

Some people love handles or the handle saddle, some hate em. It’s definitely worth trying.

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It’s definitely a nice rim, but 2 things you should know about it 1) the hole only fits a presta valve no Schrader one. 2) I have heard from some people that they had serious problems getting the tires off, so apparently the tires fit very close on the rim.

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It looks awesome, but he’s currently out of stock according to his facebook and insta, so that will have to wait for a little while.
In the mean time I did see the Mad extension, but it looks soo huge…
luckily if I decide to go for the Mad4One saddle I can always get the extension afterwards…

Presta drilled rims aren’t necessarily bad since most tubeless setup (I want to make my wheel tubeless with a Rimpact tire insert) relies on presta valves anyway.

You see the close fit on mtb’s as well. Usually it’s a combination of the tire (brand) and the rim. Maxxis tends to be a bit wider than Continental for example.

Although the KH rim looks very nice, I would like to start riding it asap, therefore building a custom wheel is currently not on my wishlist. Maybe later on :wink:

So far the parts list would become:

The mad extension would go directly on a normal Kris Holm seat.

And you don’t need a Starfighter if you are going for a handle.

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I personally don’t love the M4O saddle handle. Much prefer KH Freeride. There are benefits though. Very strong saddle and the handle is integrated.
The narrowest part of the seat itself is wider than usual and to me, the comfort is so-so. Do you know anybody who has a saddle handle? Try theirs.

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I am always jealous of riders who started later than I. They get the most up-to-date parts. When I bought my Oracle, Nimbus still making it with the D-brake, attached to the bottom bracket. Apparently, attaching it to the frame came later and was an improvement. Just an example of how things got better.

I was at a group ride. One of the riders had a new Mad4One unicycle. He let me pick it up. I was shocked at how light it was. Some people say, what’s the big deal with a couple extra pounds of weight, but I find a lighter setup to be more responsive. Mark, I’m curious if you know what your muni is going to weigh.

On the subject of weight, did you mention the tire? If you know you’ll be doing bike park type stuff, downhill, drops, then probably you should go for a side-wall-heavy tire. A lot of novice riders prefer such a tire (Duro Wildlife Leopard, for example), because it is so forgiving on uneven ground. As an accelerated learner, I think you could potentially skip starting with a big, squishy tire. For my riding style and conditions, it is tiring. Riding on a lighter tire under higher pressure…takes some skill. You are up for it, IMHO (unless you’re headed directly for downhill).

I tormented over the M vs. L Mad4One handle. I settled for the L, because it measured as long as the combined seat/bar setup with my Shadow handle. I got the bar with no attached seat, thinking that I’d customize the seat. I have two major issues with the Mad4One handle. 1. It’s too narrow for both my sit bones and my hand position, and 2. It’s not articulated, so it can’t be adjusted to the extent that the Shadow or KH T-bar. My crystal ball tells me that we’ll be seeing further improvements to saddles/handlebars.

Seems like you’re not really mixing up parts. Almost entirely a Mad4One unicycle, with just enough other parts to wreck your chances of getting a Mad4One sponsorship. Way to go, dude! My 24" has a Nimbus Shadow handle, an Impact frame and a KH rim. My only chance for sponsorship is maybe the doughnut shop up the street!

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