Collapsible unicycle.

Anybody ever used folding pedals(found on most folding b*kes) on there uni? I can’t vouch for their strength but they would be great for bus or train rides where a narrower profile would be easier to handle. Frame builders could also design a telescopic seat tube/post to decrease stock height for 20"ers. Adjustable crank length to give it versatility and with the birth of two speed hubs, it would be a great commute uni. If 007 rode a uni, this is it! :sunglasses:

Re: Collapsible unicycle.

It would need guns or a grenade launcher for him.

In the interim )while waiting for someone to manufacture a folding unicycle for that big market of anxious riders), use a quick-release to take off the seat and post, and possibly a pedal wrench to pop off the pedals. Surely not as convenient, but it will be lighter and cheaper!

The 007 was’nt a unix geek. 037 is the best, and 777 is too much.
Anyway, this unicycle:

is foldable. You can see the tube ends in the middle.

But what about this one…?:

Now that’s what I call foldable!

Well, at least better than the newest batmobile (or badmobile?).

Have any of you actually tried using folding pedals? Would a fairly cheap ($30 - $40 range) set be suitable for a cruiser? If say, a couple curbs would be the largest obstacles tackled?

how does the chain adjust for the changing height?

It looks like it’s running back and forth with the scissors.


  • eh -
  • thinking howto explain -
  • eh -
    … have a close look at the pictures. As you can see the chain does not need to adjust.
    Also, the weel and it’s movements are totally not influenced by the movements of the frame.

how do you adjust the height??


Manually with the handle under the seat (which is a hydraulic pump pushing the 1st scissor -and the rest follows-).

Can you do it while riding??

more picks & videos are wellcome!

yes, it is designed to do it while riding. (including going down).

I have no more vidz or pics available for this moment.

No help on the folding pedals, never even knew they existed.

Just wanted to add to the “compact unicycles” part. I built a take-a-part 12 footer (also a 16 footer I sold to Josue from Puerto Rico) in college so I could transport it in my trunk. It’s designed with 3 four foot sections and with a different chain you can make it a 8 footer by removing the center section. The frame is made out of 2 inch square tubing and only takes a few minutes to put it together, put the two bolts in and tighten, and then put the chain on, tightening it with a bolt/sprocket thingy(a steel bar with sprockets on each end freely spinning) bobber in the middle of the frame. Don’t have any pictures of it on me but will post some in the future if anyone’s interested.

The thing I like most is it only takes 2 wrenches to put together and take apart, and only takes 3 minutes! Sure beats trying to haul it sticking out your sunroof, window, trunk, or whatever.

But how much does it weight?

It weights A LOT because I used steel tubing but if I had the money I’d have used aluminum to make it half the weight. But the weight doesn’t bother me when I’m riding it, you can barely feel it up there. And I never have to carry it far because it comes straight outta my trunk and I put it together an push it to where I need to go. So yes it’d be nicer to have it lighter but it’s not that big of an issue, at least to me.