Coldspring parade, wingnut tatoos and peircings.

Hey guys, Yestarday at a local parade in coldspring minnesota I saw 2 unicyclists (which is a rarity at 1, even just for generic unicycles) I walk up to one and asked him a few questions. If anyone knows who they were or if one of you two guys are here at the moment that would be cool so we could chat. So, if anyone was there please speak up lol, thanks

Did you know your state contains the largest unicycle club in the country? If you live in the vicinity of the Twin Cities there are tons of top unicyclists within your reach! Or Hutchinson.

Well, i live in central minnesota… so im about 2-3 hours drive from the cities, and still a while from hutchinson. The only unicycle club I know of is in st. joseph… so ive kinda started my own, with my other friend whos also the drummer in my band (dont think too hard, my band has 2 people in it)