Cokers are big

No photo editting software was used for this pic

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Nice shot, but you might have tried some copy editing. :smiley:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

you really should invest in a larger house

Cokers are big

so are MUni’s

muni wheel borrow86.jpg

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Good one, Juggle!

I hear that Cokers are even bigger in Texas.

I don’t get it

There is only supposed to one ‘t’ That should read ‘editing’

ah, I have the answer.
Sofa, being a huge fan of the “lord of the rings” movies, was seeking a friend to talk about the movies with. and what better friend then his friend Anthony? Anythony is a hobbit, a very modern hobbit. he lives in a new age hobbit home. he has HBO.

In Olean, NY, about 45 minutes from where I live, there is a house where midgets live or lived. I’m not sure if they’re still alive. The house is near the bike path I ride on. It’s really small. It looks like a house a hobbit would live in. I would say the door must be about 4 feet tall. There is even a little fire escape on the side. It looks funny because it’s so small. It’s really cute. :smiley:

If I get a chance I’ll take a picture of it sometime. I got a new digital camera for Christmas. (Some of you may remember I got a little one last summer. I took it back because it didn’t work)
This one is a Fujifilm Finepix A205. I got a good deal on Amazon because it came with a free 64mb smart card.


Oh! The house is small!!! … i was going to say… that coker didn’t look bigger than most


ok, you got me :slight_smile:

It’s in a Children’s safety village

haaha you’re a genius sofa!

that is one big coker can you free mount that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad you couldn’t get a shot of Elmer the Safety Elephant trying to ride…


Cool pic. I think it was the grass… it gave just enough of a realistic a sense of perspective. Perhaps a similar shot without any natural objects would be even more convincing.

Oh, God, Dont tell me there’s a saftey elephant somewhere on this planet…

Oh well, Elephants never forget, as they say. Plus, if Elmer sees anyone commiting any crimes against safety, he can crush them with his huge ass.

Yes, it’s scary but true! Check out Who the heck thought an elephant would be a good mascot for traffic safety??


See sig…

Either way… That Elmer creature is pretty scarey. I wouldn’t listen to that crazy guy. ESPICALLY on matters like safety or even drug use.

Is that because Texans have smaller houses? That’s what probably makes so many Texans think their state is bigger than the U.S.

The photo is great. I didn’t think the grass gave away the scale. Upon closer examination, the roof shingles and bricks look a little oversized. Then the fact that the “porch” doesn’t seem to have any actual space on it, and the garage door doesn’t seem to have a driveway leading up to it make the house look a little more fake. But on first examination, it just looks like a giant Coker!