Cokering around town in the snow

It just snowed for the first time this winter and this is my first winter with a coker, has anyone ridden their coker in the snow on city streets? If yes how much harder is it?


Yeah i did last year, if you let the tyre down and take it slow it’s fine, in some ways it’s much better over heavily ridged snow than bikes as the big wheel will crush over them more easily.

I find the 36"er to be more stable in the snow than a bike. Just take it easy on the sharp movements as those will throw you on your assets pretty hard really quick. I ran at about 28PSI in my 36 last winter and it did pretty well overall. Only 1 or 2 days that I couldn’t ride and that was because of our horrible city plowing system. Cars weren’t even out those days.

I’ve been winter cokering in Minnesota for the past three years. Only ever used the original Coker tire - works great.

Some of the advantages of riding one-wheel in the winter instead of two-wheelers are;

traction - all of your mass is over one relatively small patch of rubber - on a bike your mass is spread over two wheels/ two points.

wind chill - lower speeds mean less wind in the face and less chilling of the extremities.

maneuverability - related to traction, but in most surface conditions you can still stop fast(ish) and turn sharp(ish) to avoid cars, curbs, road furniture, etc.

f**k-yeah! factor - when you start doing this, you are creeping into the range of extreme sports, which are fashionable now.

padding - winter-wear is great padding in the event of a crash - and when you crash, you slide on instead of ‘stick to’ the road surface.

I sorta find this with my KH20. Although I’m not going as fast as a coker would, the grip on the surface of the snow is much better than a bicycle.

I ride both 20" and 36" all the time in the snow. Even did a 30ish mile trip on my muni through snow. Then continued to do some muni runs on it.

After riding through all the ice and snow, I didnt slip once. Once I was doing muni I slipped out a few times, but that was a mixture of steep muddy snow hills. Mmm.

I slip a few times on my 20" But that is from trials, not from riding.

If only it snowed in Sydney, i would ride my unicycles in it. :frowning:

I just got back from an awesome long and fast nighttime snow cokering through the city and off into the suburbs. I found my way to a path which went around a large pond, there were no street lights but everything was lit very brightly by the night time sky. At some points the snow in my eyes made it difficult to see but the snow on the ground had an excellent glow. It was one of the best rides I’ve had in a while.


I just have to say, reading this post I just thought I needed to give a go to Winter Uni (BTW, if mountain unicycling is called MUni, Winter Unicycling should be called WUni.) So I had a short trip to the convenience store. And Man that was great. This is my first winter riding a unicycle and I just think it’s gonna be awesome.
Once again thank you for letting me know this was doable.

I’ve not (yet) ridden my 36" in snow because we haven’t had much for ages… Last time it snowed I rode my 29" muni to make sure I had enough grip. I let the tyre down ridiculously low and I had loads of grip. It didn’t feel at all slippery, although I was careful not to do anything too fast / violent whilst riding.

It’s great how a 36" unicycle is the greatest possible vehicle for snowwy conditions in the city :sunglasses:

We don’t get much snow here, but I wonder how my new Wheel TA tire will hold up in the snow…I’d assume it wouldn’t be that great!

I bet it’ll be just fine.

yeh to clarify I was on a wheel TA when i rode in the snow

I’m considering putting my uni away for the winter now… I’ve rode it a few times back and fourth from work and I’ve noticed a few rust spots on my hub probably due to the salt.
Is there anything I can do to reverse this?
Also, would it be alright to ride away from salty roads?

anyone know if the coker if TA tire works better?

Me and Unimog went unicycling in the snow (sort of) in Southern California! It was a blast but I was not dressed for it and did not get too far.

You can get the rust off then apply a thin coat of oil to protect your hub, gun oil works pretty good. I was having spokes rust on my bike and did this, worked great. Just wipe with an oily cloth instead of spraying on so you don’t overdo it.

I have ridden the TA in snow and it is OK but could be better, I just purchased a tire groover and am going to put some tread into my TA, I will report back on how it handles once I get that done.

I was link hopping 3 links in ended up here, apparently I didn’t report back.

The tire groover was a bust, didn’t work, so I attacked my tire with a filleting knife removing half the tread in a checkerboard pattern.

There was a huge improvement in traction and it completely alleviated the snow packing in the grooves. The tire lost some of it’s silky smoothness on the hardtop but it was well worth it.

In 2008 my unicycle was destroyed in an accident, the tire and saddle were the only parts saved. I have been using the cut TA off and on since.

If I were to recommend a tire for snow riding now it would without question be a Todd. I haven’t ridden the Todd in snow yet but it handles mud much better than any other 36 tire I have tried modified or otherwise. If the compound stays compliant in the cold that should translate to snow nicely.