Coker "The Big One" or V2?

Santa is bringing me a new V2 for Christmas from UDC. I am wondering if I made a mistake asking for a V2. I see on this forum that many people ride the big one and almost nobody seems to ride the V2. Being that it came from UDC, I do have an option to exchange it. What would you do?

I think the general consensus was that the V2 was heavy and the frame was kind of wide. I’ve never been on a V2 or the newer coker big ones, so I can’t add much to the discussion.

Looking at the specs and the pics, I would rather have the Nimbus Nightrider (which is actually a little cheaper looking at UDC), or the nightrider pro w/ t7 handle than the V2. I haven’t heard many complaints about the nimbus nightriders, and mine is still going strong.

If it is already delivered then I would just ride it. The shipping tends to be expensive and so the exchange will probably cost more than it is worth unless you have a particular issue with the V2. It probably would not be my first choice, but I think it is a fine unicycle.


the frame is a bit overkill, and it’ll be a little heavier, but it’ll certainly be rigid : P

Ride it!

I would tell Santa thanks, then go ride it! :smiley:

I just checked the UDC site and the Nightrider weighs only one pound less than the V2, so I wonder if you would really be able to tell the difference in the weight. My guess is that the frame is very stiff and that it will be a nice ride.

John Foss likes the Coker brand and I bet he could give you some good insight. He doesn’t use the Private Message feature, but includes his email on his posts.

I would love to hear back from you after a few rides. I am going to buy a 36er next year and am considering both the Nightrider and V2 because they look to have the stiffest frames. At 6’3" I want to get something that won’t twist much. And I happen to like the “Squid” look of the V2 :slight_smile:

Enjoy your new ride - and keep us posted.

Well, since you asked…

If you can’t pony up the money for the Impulse, then I’d get the Nightrider Pro since you’re gonna want a touring bar if you do any distance riding.

Personally, I ride a KH 36 and love it, super quality, frame is light and strong.

The other advantage of a UDC or KH is the hub and rim are a better design and lighter.

I don’t mind a rim brake on my touring uni since pad rub is less of an issue, so the disc is not really worth the money to me.

So, Nightrider Pro or if you’re gonna throw some money around, the KH with the touring handle and a brake.

BUT, keep in mind that if you really start ride your 36er over long distance with ups and downs, a brake and handle will become a necessity, so when you add in these extras, it might make more sense to buy everything as a package, in which case the UDC Impulse makes more sense.

In terms of frame twist, really a non issue, you’re gonna get far more flex in that big wheel, not to mention, you are riding on the road and you’r ein teh saddle, maxing spin rate, so less torque means less flexing issues.

Gotta love Coker, they invented the Coker! For those of you new to the party, there probably wouldn’t be any 36" unicycles if it weren’t for them.

According to Coker, the V2 frame is slightly lighter than the Nimbus. Certainly it’s more stiffer (by a lot). The only downside is if you find it to be too wide. It didn’t bother me though. Mine came with both frames, so I switched to the Big One so I could test both. V2 frame for sale! :slight_smile:

Frame weight is pretty unimportant on a cycle with such a heavy wheel, which is pretty much any 36". Don’t worry about it unless you get into racing or otherwise very high performance riding.

Thank you all for your input. I guess I will jump on the V2 and go! This 51 year old can’t wait for Christmas!!