Coker short film... "Tuxedo Junction"

Hey everyone, I made a short coker film last week. I also broke my left hand playing soccer on Saturday, so typing is pretty slow.

Anyway, here’s a link. Quicktime, 40 mb.

I also put the video on my video page. Here is the description I put there:

Tuxedo Junction

Finally, a unicycle movie staring my coker! This short was filmed by my good friend Michael Figge. I think the music is one of my favorite parts of this one… oh and the epic “true slow-motion” near the end :). The film’s location is where I live in Isla Vista, California.



You need shorter cranks.

Jess, sorry to hear about your hand. Are you still coming up for Strawberry Fields in 3 weeks?


that was pretty classy :slight_smile:

Agreed! Very nice filming and editing. The song got kinda annoying though.

I made a deal with my left hand… I be nice to it for a few weeks, and it will still let me ride strawberry fields :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Nice. Park the car. Ride the coker.

Next time, remember: in soccer, you’re supposed to use your feet.

The Continuity Police are sending you a subpeona to drag you into court to explain how you managed to change footware while riding! They are utterly amazed and feel that you must’ve violated at least a few laws in doing that.


more importantly…where’s THAT footage???

He must’ve changed his shoes in the smoothie place. No, I wasn’t paying that much attention. Nice to see some Jess action! We still miss you up here. Makes me want to go ride my Coker to the store or something…

BTW his cranks may be long for what he’s doing in that vid, but if he rides steep hills he’s set up just fine.

You made me put on the Manhattan Transfer’s version of Tuxedo Junction. I curse you. :angry:

I’m gonna need some Java Jive soon.



You didn’t close the garage door. Haaah.

@John Foss, who needs long cranks for steep hills? You don’t even know what steep hills are! Come to Holland some day and I’ll show you what steep hills are.


Nice vid Jess, I liked.

by carefully looking at the video I spotted an interesting detail in your mount: when you land you right foot on the pedal you point it downwards (that is your foot is already in the movement of pushing the pedal behind you to let it go upwards) …
that probably will help me a lot because I tend to force my right foot in the wrong direction and that often makes me crash (my foot is too angled backwards and that stops the movement of the pedal)
thank you Jesse
when you teach yourself things you spend an enormous amount of time because you’ve got details wrong!
what about a video: “101 ways to freemount a Coker simply (with slow motion)”?

I really enjoyed your video Jess. Nice filiming, excellent editing, good choice of music and, most of all, very pleasant coker riding.

My girlfriend and I really liked your video. The music was top-notch, definitely compared to some of the stuff the ear-bleeders add to their vids, and the editing was superb. I think my favorite thing about it is that it’s very entertaining while the riding wasn’t so technically demanding. That aspect of it encouraged me to try to make my own video. Really really nice work!

p.s. My girlfriend says it’s now her favorite uni video