coker setup.

I’m gonna be ordered a coker but I’m just waiting on a price check from UDC on what i consider my ultimate coker :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna do a UDC coker but with schlumpf frame and that stronger aluminium rim. SO it’ll be;

black tire
black rim
chrome spokes and crank
chrome seat post
black frame

what you guyz think? Or you reckon i should go with a the orig chrome frame and get is sprayed any colour i want?

Pink hammermill. Definitely. It will look like it’s made from a pig’s belly.

Girls dig men on pink unicycles. :sunglasses:

i just googled that colour, erm no :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it sounds like a nice unicycle, anyway. I suggest a GB handle set.
Have fun!

that the latest schlumpf frame, same for the coker. I think it’s really perty :smiley:

it’s a realy pain to find any pic.

Do they do powder coating in all colours of the rainbow?

Very nice photos of your new Coker. It’s funny, It doesn’t look all that big.:smiley:


Just a example of the frame :smiley:

Haven’t you run out of money yet zippy? :wink:
And why a Schlumpf frame? - it sounds like it’s about the worst part of the Schlumpf package - or is that it… perhaps Roger’s giving them away :smiley:


Is Florian selling his 36" frames? I know he had a batch of 1st generation frames which are really light. They look very similar to the KH frames. I woudn’t mind getting one myself.

what frames are they then, got a link?


The Schlumpf frames are a heap o’shite for a coker, they just don’t scale up right, especially for someone like you who is not super-tall. Even Roger says that the frame limits his riding ability. I’d be worried if you put brakes on them too, as the two in the UK with brakes on both snapped. They’re also the most stupid frame design as far as adjusting the seatpost goes.

The original frame is okay, if you want a super posh frame, hunter cycles make one for coker which is super pimpy, and similar in price to the Schlumpf frames.


nah i don’t like the hunter cycles one.

so how this sound.

UDC coker with alu rim and with black powercoat frame.

so it’d be;

black seat/post/frame
chrome cranks and spokes with black rim.

Hunter frames are really a great ride. You should consider one if your budget allows.

Sounds like you’ve got the rest down though. But make sure you get the UDC extra wide hub. The UDC / Kovachi 36" wheel with an air foil rim and extra wide hub is as good as anything available - and much better if you consider price and delivery time of other sources. I personally don’t care for my T/A radial tire, though I’ve heard others like them. I like the coker tire better.

hey, im looking at getting a coker very soon (actuallu not a coker, but a 36er) and want brakes on it as well as my muni. looking at buying an HS-33 set and use one brake for coker and one for kh.
question:how do i mount the coker hs-33?

you need the weld on mouns if your using the stock frame

of course, that would make too much sense… if peter deicdes to sell his 36er to me then i would have to cut the existing mounts off, and then ask kindly for a friend to weld the new ones on (once the eventually arrive on special order).
is the link to the kit

According to Roger from, the best brake for a coker is an old fashioned caliper brake, like an old side-pull or something. Apparently better than maguras on the big coker wheel. You can fit them by just drilling a hole in the frame. Seems to work well for the people who have them fitted. They’re well cheap too.


I have a random coker question.
Can you fit them in the back of the car? If not, how do you usually transport them?


I would think so, poss behind the seat.

What is pissing me off is, i’m still after a quote form UDC for a UDC coker with coker tyre and powered black frame and airfoil rim.

still nothing.