Coker, Schlumpf 29er, or Schlumpf 36er

I know that I recently posted a thread discussing my plans to buy a coker, but now I am having second thoughts…

Now my next unicycle(after making the geared giraffe with skippii) is either going to be a Coker, schlumpf 29er, or a schlumpf 36. The main drawback of the schlumpf is obviously going to be the cost, but i can save up a few paychecks and the idea of a shiftable unicycle is incredible and probably worth it. Anyway, someone help me here. Should I get a nice airfoil coker, a schlumpf 29er, or a schlumpf 36er (probably with the airfoil rim). I know some people have posted threads on cokers vs the geared 29er, but what would you rather have if you could only have one or the other…a coker or the schlumpf…because that is what it seems like it is coming down to. I suppose now with the new schlumpf 36, you can sort of have both, but would a geared 36er be better or worse than a geared 29er for distance riding? I dont think anyone has tried the schlumpf 36 out yet, but some people have tried geared 36ers.

Sorry, im just rambling, but those of you who currently own schlumpfs, or are thinking about getting one, your input is greatly appreciated.

Out of a coker, Gguni, or schlumpf, I’d definately get the schlumpf if I could afford it.

The main drawback from the schlumpf might be the wait time.
I’m not sure there’s much point in both a Gguni and a Schlumpf, except the additional coolness factor.
Of course, if it was all about practicality, we’d all ride b*cycles…

I think it’s too early to know for sure what it the best long distance unicycle.

Right now, I’d say it depends on the terrain of what you expect to ride. I think a coker is too high of a gear for many steep hills, so a 29" schlumpf gives you the most options for the best gear to be in. I’ve never riden a geared 36" though, so I can’t compare how the high gear is for cruising. However, the geared up 29" schlumpf is a very nice cruising gear, but due to the pull on the frame from the gearing, it has a little less control and takes more effort to stay in control around corners and over bumps.

I realized the pull on the frame and the amount of concentration that the geared giraffe took, but I didnt know if that was amplified because of the fact that I was on a giraffe…

Oh and skippii, I am going to get a geared giraffe either way, it is just really fun, so if you could still send me some links and information so I can order the parts, that would rule.

Rock on!

Gimme a few hours, I’m a bit bust right now.

Alright, thanks a bunch!

Schlumph36!!! (but I’m biased)

Schlumph doesn’t currently make a complete 36, you only get the frame, cranks and hub from him, and you have the get the rest of the parts yourself. …still, it might be worth it.

I’ve only ridden a geared 26 and a geared 36, but the larger wheel is much more stable.

Of course, for the cost of a shiftable 36, you could probably buy a regular coker AND a geared 29er.

For more of my opinion

in the thread you listed you said

Do you have a cycle computer now, and any recorded speeds?

Not yet! Sorry.