Coker ride Sunday LA/OC?

If you think you’re nervous imagine how I felt in this group! Trust me, you’ll be fine. I was on a 26 with 125s and I could keep up with them. There’s even a guy with a 29" in this group.

Me on the far left:

And me on the far right:

Here’s a map showing the meeting location.

Uh-oh. That’ll be a bit too far for me to drive. I might pass on this one. Huntington Beach pier would have been good, but Redondo beach is twice the distance from my house. I wouldn’t have time to finish the ride and still have dinner with my family.

Well, it’s no more than an hour from Anaheim, and if we all started the ride at 10am, we could ride for FIVE solid hours, and be done by 3pm. You could be back home by 4Pm with plenty of time to spare before dinner…unless you eat dinner at 3pm! And if we only average a mere 10mph, we could cover 50 miles in that time! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya, that would be me as I’m working at the OC Market/Swap meet now on the weekends…I’ve changed my show A LOT since you last saw it…learned some things when I was in Australia…like how to build a crowd, keep a crowd and make them laugh…


Where do you park near the meeting location? I noticed a few of “gate key access” points on the map. Is it a gated community or can we just drive up and park anywhere?

I have not done any long rides on a unicycle. I assume water and snacks are appropriate?

Hi Terry,
Count us in for 2 more.
I am interested in the ride any time Sunday, and can bring my Nimbus 36er and my brother who recenctly upgraded to a Coker from the 29er.
I am happy with any ride 10 to 30 miles but we would keep up as long as possible, or if any slower group forms we’re with them.

The only gate access is a condo community up the street. The whole stretch of Paseo De La Playa is free parking, as are any of the streets that intersect or the preceding parallel streets.

I will start PMing those who are going, so we can exchange cell numbers and check in with each other when we arrive. :slight_smile:

Oh, and yes, a camelback or at least a backpack you can put water bottles in and snacks are good to take along, and there will be plenty of places to stop for food and drinks along the way!

Ok pm’s sent, and we have a possible group of EIGHT so far! (including myself) I hope everyone can make it, and the more the merrier! I’m thinking that a 10am meet/start time would be the best; it’s not too early or late, just perfect for a whole day of riding if we decide to go for the whole distance…which is a FANTASTICLY FUN ride!

And I really want to emphasize the FUN-Factor, since we won’t be trying to set any speed records; just riding at a comfortable pace and stopping now & then to stretch, have a snack whatever. Should be perfect riding weather as well! Hope see you all there! :smiley:

I guess I should try to make it out. I haven’t been out on the uni since that last right I think it was October. If I’m much later than 10 I’ll give you a call but otherwise just consider me a no show.

Yeah that last ride was one of the most enjoyable and as I remember you rode further than ever! Hope to see you there! :smiley:

Ok pm’s sent, and we have a possible group of EIGHT so far! (including myself)

Are any of the eight riding a 29?


There’s a new forum member/rider who has one. BKane

Last bump. :slight_smile:

I’ve PM’d all those who have replied to this thread saying they will, or might join in the Coker ride tomorrow (Sunday 3/15/09) If everyone in this thread will be riding, that would make it a group of eight, including myself! Please let me know if you’ll be there by no later than 8pm tonight, so I know who’s coming.

I will be down on the bike path-where it begins just below the parking area on Paseo de La playa in Redondo Beach. I’ll be there about 10am-10:15am and hopefully you will be too! It should be perfect coker riding weather as well! Hope to see you all there! :slight_smile:

YES! I just got confirmation from my mom that I can be there! I also just got my first pair of riding shorts as well as my first riding jersey and I can’t wait to try them out. I do have a question, though. Is there anywhere in the area where my mom can go while we’re on our ride? Preferably places that a woman would consider fun. She doesn’t want to wait there for 5 hours, and I don’t blame her.

Some bad news: my cycle computer stopped working. :frowning:

Good news: It’s got a full 5 year warranty and it’s only 2 months old. :smiley:

That’s great glad you can go! We have at least 5 so far and maybe more. We will just all meet at the start of the bike path (at the bottom of the first ramp) which is just below paseo de la playa street where it intersect with Calle Mirimar. Call me when you get there so in case you’re running late or whatever we will wait for you!

No worries about the cycle comp., I have a GPS that tracks everything very accurately!

PS: Not being a woman, lol, I’m not really sure what your mom would like to do, but there are tons of places to sight see and shop from Redondo beach pier and beyond. Maybe she could bring a bike and ride with us as well! :slight_smile:

10am meet time at the beginning of the bike path. See ya there!

sorry but some plans came up last minute. Maybe next time.

No worries. There will be many, many more 36er rides this year, so yeah, next time for sure! :smiley:

Another beach Ride

I should be in Southern CAL in June. Let me know if we can ride at H.B. like we didi in September

Anybody up for a fun Coker ride this Sunday, 4/18/09? We could start in Redondo and go as far as we want-up to 44 miles roundtrip! Me, Joe and Tyler were also thinking about meeting at my house first for some trials, then a short MUni and then the coker ride. We haven’t yet confirmed which Sunday yet, but this Sunday works great for me so if it’s good for you too. Let me know asap.

All rides are within 10-15 minutes of each other. We could start the coker ride sometome between 12-1pm, depending on if/when those of us who want to do the trials and Muni first. You’re welcome to do all three rides or pick and choose. :slight_smile: