Coker ride Sunday LA/OC?

If anyone in the LA/OC surrounding areas want to get together for a fun coker ride this Sunday, 3/15/09, chime in! We could meet either at Huntington beach pier or do the longer ride from Redondo Beach to Will Rogers State beach and back.

This is the same ride a bunch of us did for Jim’s (minivision) 50th b-day last year. It’s an awesome fun ride, but we could make it shorter or go as far as the group decides.

You guys need to set up a mailing list or something. That’s what we have up in the Bay area. Actually there are three different ones. Corbin has one for Santa Cruz area stuff, which is mostly MUni and road rides. Then the Berkeley group has one that also covers basketball. And I have a broken down old list of occasional MUni rides up in my neck of the woods, or Tahoe during the Summer/Fall.

Ride threads get old fast, and when they don’t have dates on them will probably lead to confusion. Some people even post ride threads without saying where they are. Start with the country if it doesn’t say in your avatar… :stuck_out_tongue:

Another idea would be requesting another forum category just for organizing rides. That might be a useful one, and could grow popular!

Yeah I think there is one, but not everyone knows about it or subscribes. I only posted here to make sure those who otherwise wouldn’t find out about it would be much more likely to see it here. But Your point is well taken and I will look for other alternatives, like your next idea below. :slight_smile:

YES! I like this idea much better! :smiley:

I’m up in Ojai through Sat night, may be able to make a Sunday ride. I’ll let you know. Going to try to get to Pratt while I’m there.

And is “Minivision” a Freudian slip?

Whoops, lol my badness on that one! :o

i am probably in. riding trials on Saturday and i might be busy Sunday morning or night but i should make it.




Dang, would love to join you guys but now that I am working Saturday and Sundays at the OC Market from 10am till 3pm, that pretty much leaves me out of weekend rides…on a side note, I rode for 4 hours in the Irvine Open Space Preserve South and found bunch of new great single track. They are technically illegal and you are supposed to get a special permit or reservation for them, but I took my chances and didn’t have any problems. Even ran into two rangers/workers cleaning up the trails, talked to them for a bit and they didn’t say or do anything!

I’ll probably be there. And I can drive there (with my mom) 'cause I got my permit and I finished driving school! Woohoo!

Also, do you have a time in mind?

I’m fine up to 60 miles and we probably won’t go that far so I don’t care.

I’m in an advanced web design class so I’m going to try to set up our own website within the next few months. I’ll have time to write up the code during spring break. I’m going to try to make it similar to but mine might be more complex with more than one page.

That is the best category idea I’ve ever heard. Period.

I only know about the SBuni mailing list. Is there another?

That sounds really fun! Too bad you can’t make it to this ride.

[trying not to threadjack, but…] Jamey, I met some guys today who were telling me about a guy they met at the swap meet. They said they helped him onto a really tall unicycle and after I asked a few questions, I found out it was you they helped. They said your performance was “freakin’ amazing!”. I thought that was pretty funny to meet them. They remembered almost all of your performance so it must mean it was really memorable!

sunday ride

I would love to start riding with you guys. Could a new rider on a KH 29 keep up I am in pretty good shape but neww on my cycle. I:)et me know. I live in Redondo beach

Well the last time I did a 36er group ride we started with about 7 people, but only me and Tyler finished the whole distance which was about 50 miles. Then, as if that weren’t enough, we drove to the PV trail, only a couple miles from there, and did a MUni ride as well!

I don’t really care when we start it could be morning or early afternoon, but we should start no later than about 1pm so in case we’re doing the whole ride we won’t run out of daylight. Whatever the majority decides I’m fine with that. :smiley:

I’ve got plans at about 5 so starting before noon would be better. Like 9, 10, or 11 o’clock. My plans might change, though, so any time around there.

You could probably keep up with us. I once kept up with a few 36ers on a 26" with 125 cranks. My feet were turning so fast I didn’t have a lot of control (and they cruised a bit slower for me), but you’ll be fine on a 29er.

May I ask what size cranks you use? I know it seems like a weird quiestion but there is a massive difference in speed from something like 115s to 165s.

Hey we’re neighbors! I live in the same area and ride almost everyday. To answer your question, yes you should be able to keep up. When I first rode woth a group on 36ers, I also used a friend’s KH 29er, but I put 137mm branks on it, and finished ahead of all of them, lol!

What kind of riding do you do most? Do you ride MUni? That’s what I ride most, but also enjoy 36er riding either along the bike path at the beach, or “coker MUni” as well! Feel free to PM me anytime you want to meet for a ride.


I am a new rider I for now ride road only until I get a little better. My cranks ar two hole isis 150- 137 I beleive.

You’ll do fine on the 137s. Now what would be the best time for you?

As of right now I am pretty open, but not too late would be better.

A 10am-11am meet/start time works perfect for me. That would give us more than enough time for a non-rushed, blast of a fun ride, and would also make it easier for those coming from a little farther away to get there without having to get up so early! Win win I tells ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a pic from our last ride. It was taken at the Marina Del Rey bridge, about 12 miles in. That was a FUN adventure! :slight_smile:


You guys all have 36ers I am nervous.

Don’t be. Here’s me in a pic with a 29er I rode along with these guys who were on 36ers. I kept up fine with 137’s. It was before I got my first 36er.