Coker Non Skid Tyre

Today I took advantage of the perfect weather to test out my new Coker tyre. I have had it fitted as tubeless thanks to the guys at Kaos Custom Bikes.

Despite the previous week of rain the mountain bike trails at the You Yangs Park were dry as a bone today. I started out on some narrow XC singletrack. It flowed very nicely from one corner to the next, the tyre allows the uni to lean over very easily due to the rounded profile. Grip was excellent in the loose gravel, sand and bulldust that made up most of the trail surface.

One aspect of today’s ride that really stood out was the speed at which I could keep the wheel spinning. With a reduced rotating mass (thanks to being sans tube) I could control the wheel better and hence maintain balance at higher speeds over the rougher sections of the tracks.

In short this tyre is a dream to ride off road. I look forward to testing it out in some different locations and conditions, especially some mud:)

I totally agree. I’m riding the non skid for while and really like it. I ride it with a 28" tube which is much lighter then th original one but tubeless is also an idea. Have fun watching my ride in the snow with the non skid

I enjoyed the vid!

I’ve also had good success with the Non-Skid in gravel and snow.
This is my first and only 36er tire, so not sure how it compares with others.
Does anyone know how it’s weight compares to the other 36er tires?

Here’s a link to some historical info on the first non-skid tire. I think Coker’s historical reference and joke with the new tread is pretty neat.

The Coker Non Skid felt heavier than the Nightrider (which was partly worn down). According to Uni magazine the Non Skid weighs 2.48 kg or 87 oz, heavier than all the other 36" tyres.

what psi do you keep yours at?

I run the Non Skid at 40 psi. I used to run the Nightrider tyre at 55 - 65 psi with a tube or 40 psi tubeless.

Update on my impression of the Non-Skid tire.

I went for more of a muni ride yesterday than I’d previously done on the 36. Fire road with some variety, including loose, rocky, muddy, and steep sections, with various surfaces on the steep bits.

The non-skid performed wonderfully for all of these conditions. I actually rode up much steeper sections than I thought I would be able to, because the tire gripped everything, and combined with the 36" wheel it just eats up moderate-sized rocks (I ride around the really big ones), even going up.

I also noticed that the Non-Skid does not tend to hold gravel in it’s tread, which I’ve read can be an issue with the Nightrider. After about 6.5 miles, I had only two little pieces of gravel in the tire.

I’ve been wanting to get a Nightrider tire for lower weight and higher pressure. However, I’m not sure I’ll bother anymore, because I enjoyed my ride so much that I think I’ll start doing more xc riding on my 36 with the Non-Skid, and I don’t want to be switching out tires. I haven’t ridden 36 on any other tire, but I do not find the Non-Skid to be bumpy or uncomfortable on my paved commute.

For lots of combined riding or a greater focus on road riding, the Nightrider may be the best choice. But for anyone interested in focusing on 36" muni or snow (see prior post), the Non-Skid is a great option.

P.S.: I’m running the tire with a 29er tube, at about 35 psi.