Pictures of your latest ride

I did 7 hours of riding over 2 days this week to produce my new video. I think I’ll wait a month or two before make another. Check it out.


Another still from the new video I’m working on. Should be ready within a week or so.

Coker Coker Coker

Great! Im looking forward to the video :smiley: Nice to see good pictures of people abusing there cokers!

That thing is a total beast. I have absolutely no desire to ride any of my other unicycles. Offroad on a 24" muni is painfully tedious compared to this. Its actually exciting and starts pumping the adrenaline like back when I used to mountain bike. I’ll be selling my Large Marge 24" Muni(with KH frame).

Thanks! We got funny looks from passers by :smiley:

From today’s ride in the You Yangs Park. I am loving the new Coker non skid tyre. I did a quick review here.

Hey brian: how are those torker cranks holding up for you? and can you jump decently far/high on the 36 inch wheel ir is that just because of the drop in the picture :astonished:

This picture is as good is gorgeous! Gorgeous trail! Gorgeous uni!

The cranks are actually the standard square taper cranks that come with the Coker Big One. The whole uni is a stock Coker Big One aside from the saddle (I put my CF base on it). They are holding up perfectly fine to some pretty ridiculous jumps and drops. The trick is to just make sure the crank bolt is tight before every ride. People totally underestimate that gear. The wheel itself is absolutely invincible, I’ve launched off stuff at a good speed attempting to 180 and end up landing at a 90 degree angle and the wheel didn’t go out of true at all.

I can rolling hop reasonably high with it and with some speed you can launch really freaking far, especially with the help of a root, its amazing and like flying.

The Bluebells were out with full effect for today’s MUni on the North Downs.

Outstanding picture!

Meeting in hasselt :smiley:

I like this one :smiley:

They are insane pictures! I hope I can be that good at some point.
Riding 9 months now but only riding trials for 3 weeks :slight_smile:

And an image of a kinda recent ride (last weekend). Maybe some day I’ll hop over those. I think I could manage it now but I didn’t want to get wet that day!



Go for it mowcius, you can do it :sunglasses:

Yeah I know I can get wet! That’s the problem! :smiley:

Yeah some day I will try it :slight_smile:

Neat shots Tim, but you may want to work on your strobe placement. Being in the frame like that, they aren’t doing much except distracting us away from the riders.

THAT picture is calender material! WOW!!!

I agree, even if they’re not distracting, they aren’t putting any more light on the subject.

From Sunday, 5/16/10. Out on the trail in Simi valley for my 2nd ride on my 29er. This time, I wanted to see how well it handled in the same kind of extreme technical conditions that I ride my 24 MUni. Wait 'till you see what happened to my tire when I landed this gap! Video coming later! :smiley: