Coker 36 x 2 3/8 NonSkid Muni Tire

Tire Set for Summer Release

Me Likey. :smiley:

Looks like they sacrificed tread to put their name on it, but oh well I don’t even have a coker

If I got a 36" I would ge this, but I don’t think I will get one for a long time…

“The 4-ply NonSkid inflates to 32 psi and does require the use of an inner tube which is sold separately. Use of a rimstrip is highly recommended and is also available separately.”
Cool, It is even tubeless.

no it isn’t.

My bad… I was in a hurry to read it.

wow, how typical of coker… putting their name ALL OVER everything they make. I’m really curious to see how well that tire really handles, but I doubt it’s as good as they make it seem. do we really need to know how many times they plastered their name on the tire? haha


I think the coker name for tread looks sweet.

I want my name as the tread of my tire!

I wouldn’t mind if it was MY name… just don’t feel like I need to stamp coker’s name all over the road and trail whenever I ride. I guess it would be fun to measure your distance in coker logos… haha the web site says “The Coker name repeats around the tire 72 times, 36 times in either direction.” so you can say you rode a distance of 144 coker logos before you face planted because the grip of the tread sucked.

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this is only the top I got bored

My question is why only 1/4" wider. I would love to see a 2.5" 36er tire with a proper MTB inspired tread. Until then I think I will stick with my custom cut TA.

anybody else surprised that they went wider for the coker Muniers before going skinnier for the road riders? (the way bigger demographic)

I was pretty surprised.

Oops I meant 1/8" wider

knowing how tire manufacturers like to fudge widths it may be exactly the same tire casing as their other tires.

Yeah, Kris Holm would never do something like that. :slight_smile:

As for traction, I would assume it’s the grippiest of the four known designs out there. Its only competition will be the Nightrider, which might make a better all-around tire. But we won’t know until people get out and do some riding on them. I’m also curious to see what the weight comes out to be. Based on wider size it might end up being the heaviest one out there.

What rims is it compatible with?


Has anybody tried out this new Coker Muni Tire? Just curious. I’m pretty happy with my standard Coker button tread tire now but was planning on upgrading to a more serious trail tire in the future and I’m debating on wether to go with the new Coker Muni Tire or the Nimbus Nighrider. I’m assuming both will fit on my new Coker BigOne double wall rim set up… Anyone… Anyone…

I think theres a review of the coker non skid tire in the next UNI mag if you can wait that long, am interested too.

I hope someone will post a review here as I don’t get UNI mag any longer (I want to but I’ve got to save all my pennys this year for a couple special trips). Anyways please post your review here.

Ok the Coker inflates to 32psi and the Knightrider up to 65psi right? At 55psi my Knightrider tyre seems pretty solid on tarmac. I assume that it would have to be pressure-adjusted for XC? - but to what pressure? Would I be looking at a softer tyre that flattens onto the ground providing a greater footprint area? Also, what about the different ply ratings of these two tyres? Any issues?

All this news is good to me. I assumed it was a bridge-too-far to aspire to XC on a 36er. Wow! if its there to be done…I’m here to try it :slight_smile: I have lots of ‘easier’ routes in mind that would provide entertainment. However, how would the Nimbus 36er be prepared for XC? take bits off, add bits, wot?

bring your tire pressure down a bit for XC. It is all preference but I tend to run my cut TA at about 20 PSI in winter and 25 in summer for XC but about 40 PSI on the tarmac in summer.

Too soft and you bottom out and get pinch flats, too hard and it is a harsh ride. I really like about 25 PSI for trails in the summer. Not sure how the different casing would affect the tire. I am about 165 lbs.

I like the idea of the new Coker MUni tire but I think I would go with a custom cut nightrider or a completely homemade frankentire as my ultimate coker MUni tire.