Cody Williams

I guess its in every koxx-one rider’s nature to strip…

Want more? $100 an hour,

Cody, I mean your sexy and all, but your kinda scaring me.

I remember seeing that one with the money a while ago.

Your definetly Koxx material! =p

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! The Red boxers pic was taken like a year ago, and the other was takin for my g/f and Evan got it…

I always knew the name koxx wasn’t a coincidence… And they was bitchin 'bout theyre unis being named after drugs :roll_eyes:

Lol here is the finished result, cause yeah people love my koxx :smiley:

Your shins look like mine.

you have small nipples, btw.

And still hurt when pinched…

I recal I made you scream like a lil girl, and watched spencer act like one!!! :smiley:

I’v never seen a girl fly across a room that fast, Whilst brandishing a foam finger.

You two suck, thats not how it went at all.

Nigga I know you like my third nipple!

I got one on the right side, but it’s smaller.

This is hilarious!!!

Here’s a sexy nudy picture of Dumpweed.



Re: Cody’s stomach…
Skinny, but no definition. Do some planks or sit-ups, for God’s sake.

I got flab on my stomach and I’m 6’ 145 Pounds…

I dont and I’m 4’ 10" and 80 pounds:)