Clip - Triplebackflip

<a href="Hey everyone!

After a lot of trying I finally nailed a Tripleback. I’m pretty stoked, glad I got them and reckon I could get them as consistant as Triples can be. I have hurt myself a bit trying them, I ran into a piller hard with my shoulder leading, and I might have risked any chance of children, lets all hope not eh?

Thanks to a few select people (you can guess). This should be dedicated to Shaun, seeing as he dedicated his Triple forward to me…

Enjoy, I love you all!


P.S There will be a Youtube link sometime soon, prefer it if people don’t link it at the minute, I would prefer people to see it in better quality first, maybe even download it if they want.

P.P.S PETER Probailer2!! (And Lucas for filming).


'Tis, Fourflip next. (I’m really not kidding).


Yeah, knew you could make it. :sunglasses:
Fucking insane, even though I saw the movie yesterday allready :stuck_out_tongue:
About the fourflip, if you land that one, I will buy you a case off Belgium beer.


wow! thats awesome mate!

Congrats, I haven’t seen it yet because the gallery is messed up a the moment.

Crappy piece of software! Slow, unusable most of the time and hard to use!
Congrats on the tripple back though. That’s gotta be wicked insane! :astonished:

wow thats way sick. nice and clean too. good job

you need to get some bright pedals, like the yellow jimmy c’s or same hoffman pedals.

Godd job!

you are a god mike. i knew you would get them. its really clean too.
that is soooo coool well done man

That was awesome! I think I’ll be more than happy if I can learn to land just a single.:smiley:

wow man!
thats insane!

I saw it now. It looks really really good. I like how you landed perfectly too. When it is not slowed down I didn’t see a flip at all. Thats amazing, whenever i try any mulitple flips backflip I always hurt myself in places I dont want to be hurt.

that was mad nice work it would be cool to see you do 4 backflips haha


Congratulations man, that’s so sick.

that was awesome!!!

EDIT: I want your babies!:smiley:

Dude you’re hardcore, go the POMS!!!

Just saw the white stuff, didn’t see it first :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you Mike :wink:
I realy own you a beer at FLUCK :smiley:



That was some cool stuff, I’m still not a huge fan of tripleflips though cause they spin so fast you can’t see them.