Cliff Jumping!!!

Me at the Boulder Rez. on some serious cliffs…

I suppose you lived…

How far down is it? I’d like to see the FULL shot showing the ground!:smiley: Edit: and did you land it?


When i saw the title, i immediately thought of this pic… :astonished:

Unicycling near a cliff.

Everytime I’ve seen a pic of someone doing that, I think…THAT’S INSANE! There is no way in the world I would EVER do that…mostly 'cause I have a fear of heights…oh, and also 'cause I don’t want to DIE…at least not doing something so stupid! :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh, Terry I could so see you doing that (with you new fancy freeze-frame camera :D)

I would do that for a cool pic. As long as you can hop up and down in a small area(less then 3-4 feet on either side of you) you could do that.

And I would like to know what the landing zone was like on the origionaly pic.

Yeah, and it’s perfect since I would be “frozen” in fear! :astonished:

Maybe you’d feel more comfortable doing it on a 36er.

Alright!!! no i would never go out on a cliff like that one!!! lose a uni or fall off or die… its about an 6-8 ft drop…ill go back out there and take a better pic 2morrow…after falling too many times i did land about 5 in a row…yay me!!!:slight_smile:

I apologise for going off the topic Klucker. It’s just the title of this thread reminded me of the pic i posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish i didnt live in the city :frowning:

The pic feels photoshopped

It’s not it’s just good camera work

When you said ciff jumping i thought you ment like this …

btw 100th post =D

Well, ok yeah now that’s different! But I still think doing a drop from that height would prolly taco the rim. :wink:

which city you in?

if not your head;)

pretty shit place to live :frowning:
what city are you in ? sorry for the thread jack :o