Cliff Jumping!!!

Thats what I thought of to but then it would have probably been in JC

On the subject of jumping off cliffs into water, the highest ones I have done were 12-15m I don’t know if I would go any higher, even landing flat footed starts to hurt around 10m. There are so many awesome places to do that in Northern Sask that nobody knows about but then you are probably a couple days from anyone who can help you if you screw up. Rocks trees and more lakes than all of Europe. Saskatchewan isn’t all flat:)

Nice pic by the way.

I hate that pic! It’s so stupid, it takes no skill (well… some). It just shows stupidity and gives people the wrong idea about unicycling (sort of confirms the “circus” stereotype that us unicyclists get).

I think it’d be more wreck-less daredevil more than circus.