christian unicycle site

yeah…so i started a christian unicycle club if you are on myspace that would be sweet if you would add me if no… that would be sweet if you could just check it out

i’m an atheist

blah blah blah

tell god to ride for himself

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:stuck_out_tongue: jks, nice website too, very well done

I think that it’s great that you started that. sweet site

I wish that NAUCC would allow time on Sunday mornings for people to attend church. But they usually schedule events forcing us to give up worship…I hope the Detroit organizers for next year have free time for Sunday morning.

Can a jew join?

that made me lol

anybody can join if they wanna :slight_smile:

cool man, hey you just added me awsome

I have requested an add. =p

Great layout.
More uni vids pics though, or adding some videos, like the freestyle section of defect, and some street vids would be cool.

And of course, don’t have any events between sunup and sundown on Saturday, since orthodox Jews are not allowed to operate machines during that time.

Go to church, or unicycle. You’re an adult, make a choice. Me, I’d be pissed if I traveled all the way across the country for “free time” on Sunday morning.

Years ago, when there were only 150 riders and a lot fewer events, there was often an early Sunday service scheduled as part of the conventions. Nowadays it can be tought because there are too many events and never enough time. If next year’s organizers aren’t planning one, you might ask them if you can add one to the schedule, even if it has to overlap something else.

As these conventions continue to grow in people and events, it has gotten past the point where you can see or do everything because we are getting into more overlap of competition events. Unicon XIII even had some overlap between Freestyle and Track, two of the main “traditional” events. This leaves the rider having to decide which events to attend, which also gives you the freedom of not attending others.

tholub - You’re right. I am an adult, a mom, who has made the decision the past six summers to bring her daughter to a special once-a-year event to meet and compete with other unicyclers. Attending church for one Sunday a year has been put aside so that my daughter can get the most out of this unique convention.
And you’re also right that Orthodox Jews shouldn’t have to make this decision also.
Don’t get me wrong…I’ve enjoyed attending these competitions the past years and will continue to attend as long as my daughter show interest.

Defect is copyrighted material. Posting it on a website without the permission of Syko Productions is a crime, totally uncool and very disrespectful. God would not approve.

Another member in Tulsa? Finally!!!

You have to change the background on, it is very difficult to read on the “unicycle-backgroundpicture”…


I think he meant ‘like’ the scene in defect…not ‘the’ scene in defect.

Like, your valley speak is, like, totally bumming me out! Like, I totally don’t know, like, what you’re telling me! Omigod! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha thats friggin funny