Chris Huriwai K1 vs Adrien Delecroix KH - Chris's part

Call out!!! BRING ON ADRIENS RESPONSE!!! If he dares… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dammm, So good man. All killer, no filler…

Duuuude! That’s the best street video I’ve ever seen I think! Stian already used the song though :stuck_out_tongue:

WHAT THE FUDGE chris… your soooo good i loved the one rev down the rail and your switch foot revs omg i loved this vid. impossible to beat.

That. Was. Intense!!!

Chris, you’re my hero.

I wanna ride just like you.



One more thing

Thank you for your killer riding.

and to think I get to see this in person, in 2 weeks… :smiley: Man we’re gonna have so much fun!! :smiley: Sick video man, as always. I love you’re riding like mad :smiley:

Aww man I didn’t realize(I rarely watch flatland videos xD)… otherwise I wouldn’t have used it… But thanks

Three words. BIG, bloody, adrenaline.


Awesome skills :smiley: Nice one …

Extra points to whoever notices the blind handrail grind

the grind at 1:48

Ok maybe more people noticed it then I thought xD nice. Points for you :smiley:

i only noticed it coz it wasnt massive and i expected you to trick out of it

So gooooooooood!!!

Man, that was so sick! I loved everything, the riding, filming and sick edit too.

Also, everything was so flowy, even the foot plants and crank grabs, which is so hard to do! :smiley:

Also, did you do a lot of half revs and stuff into and out of grinds?

i think the song fitted the vid pretty well so i dont think it matters much :roll_eyes:

Yeah I agree, the song fit really well in both videos, I was just letting him know. :slight_smile:

Yup :slight_smile: I get bored with the feeling of normal grinds so I like adding revs now. Fliping into grinds is cool, gives you a good feeling. But the actually sliding part feels way different and cool when you add a rev cause you grind in switch.

so awesome, amazing flow and just huge stuff! very well done on this, editing was sick too! :smiley:

Just wanted to make a commet on the song…

I know I got a lot of stuff for my conspiracy theories but did any of you actually listen to the lyrics. Moon landing fake, 9/11 inside job, haarp, chem trails, this song is littered with them. I enjoyed it.