chinese uniers

yes, of course, but judging by that definition, racism isn’t always bad. for example, african guys can run fast. its true. marathon winners are always from Kenya.

and asian rock musicians.

our guitarists and bassists can do something other than play one chord/note over a whole song.

maby the reason tehre better at everyting is that they might be rely competative…

Yes it is.

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So is it racist to say, for instance, that black people generally have darker skin than white people?

Different ethnic groups do have different characteristics, and it’s not racism, at least in any negative sense, to recognize those characteristics, as long as you don’t start making assumptions about individuals based on them.

yeah i guess it is. but like chuck norris, he’s so cool…i’m sorry.

That is bad, because you are saying that everyone else is inferior to that race of people. if you were to say something like Blankety Blank from Kenya has won x marathons it would not be racist, but if you say everyone from Africa can run quickly it is saying other people can’t run as quickly as the Africans, if this was true why would other countries put runners in the olympics. Now you could say a lot of great unicyclists are coming from China, like (insert name here). that is not racist, but assuming that a whole country of people are all super competitive is a bit ridiculous.

ok… but the point is they really are dominant at everything ever. unicycling? asians. martial arts? asians. any sport ever? asians. computer and technology? asians. food? asians. its just like god put them here to be better than everybody but decided it would be funny to give them small penis’s… but then again they still fuck better than us!!!arrgh! man i wish chuck norris would just listen to me and become good at everything just to piss people off and become like jesus.

I’m not saying that people of other races can’t run fast…I am saying that Africans generally can run fast.
jump high, too.

It’s a fact.

there are millions of people living in Africa, you are saying that most of them run faster than the average person.


have you met most of the people in Africa, ran against them, seen them run. No one has, that is why we can’t make generalizations.

ahh, but I have seen many many people run, and I have seen many many slow Americans, but I have not seen many many slow Africans. therefore, I come to the conclusion that most Africans are natural born runners, whereas Americans are not, though that is not to say they can’t train to become great runners.

you live in America, you see more americans, odds are they won’t all be great runners. When you see Africans in the olympics, they are not average people, they are runners. If you lived in Africa you would be likely to see more africans who can’t run very well.

So are you unable to accept the fact that statistically, all races are not identical in all respects? If we’re not allowed to point out characteristics that are statistically more prominent in one racial group than another, how can we define racial groups? What is the point of even acknowledging their existence?

It makes perfect sense to say that, if the winners of running events in the olympics are Africans more often than not, the people of the country are probably better runners on the whole, because a more athletic country is likely to produce more outstanding athletes than a less athletic country. An analogy would be that from noting that the United States has more billionaires percentage-wise than Mongolia, you might deduce that the average American is richer than the average Mongolian. And you would be right.

It’s silly that we become so adverse to any sort of “racism” that we blind ourselves to statistics.

for example, Asian females who watch less than 30 minutes of TV a day score highest on the SATs.

All that I am saying is that some children might be discouraged if they think that they are the “wrong race” for a certain sport.