chinese uniers

you know it doesnt really matter. africans can run fast.s asians can do everything. its not like its a BAD thing to say, jeez. go CHUUUUCK NOOORIRRISS

I’m not saying that anyone is the “wrong race”…I’m just saying some people are the “right race.” though I see how that could be misinterpreted to make some people feel inferior, though that certainly is not my intention.

actually, I don’t think asians are that good at running…not naturally, like africans anyway.

yeah totally. white men can run and jump… just not as good as the black man!!! jeezz.

Not racism…racisms not fun…but being very POLITICALLY INCORRECT is

Azn Pride


Chuck Norris.

??? ???

:thinking: :thinking:

its true there bloody fast

and it is true that fats kid love cake.

its also true fat kids cant dance, except for star wars kid, he is sick

If you were looking for a sentence, it might have been something about good Freestyle unicyclists from China? There have hardly been an Chinese Freestyle entries in any Unicon attended by a Chinese team. I think you are making the common Western confusion of China with Japan. The two countries/cultures are much more different than they are alike.

Can’t what?

Chinese ninjas? Try again.

More commonly, the unicycle is playground equipment.

No. Black is not a race.

American is not a race either. Are you saying Jesse Owens counts as American or African? Or Carl Lewis?

Try something like this: People of African descent seem to be disproportionately represented in certain areas of sport, including running. Statement is accurate, and does not claim that being “African” makes you better at something.

Im surprised not many Asians replied to this… for the record im not offended (im asian not black)