chinese uniers

hmmmm… i never knew, y r chinese ppl so good at freestyle uni?¿?

the same reason fat kids cant…

Are you sure you aren’t thinking about Japanese unicyclists? I don’t know very many chinese unicyclists other than the two in my area.

Asians are good at everything.

its true

but…chuck norris is better at martial arts than the chinese…

duh chinese… ninjas… nuff said


In japan you can learn unicycliing in your gym class :sunglasses:

Totally OT : When I lived in Rwanda, whoever was white, had a facial hair of some sort and somewat mature would be nicknamed Choka Nolis by the street kids, maybe you could go there on a pilgrimage :wink:


-Dance Dance Revolution
-Doing backflips
-Being VERY persuasive,

-Doing backflips yes they are good at that

-Rubiks Cubes

Yes. Asian people dominate at JUST about everything.

oh…and ping pong too.

oooooo uni ping pong

Wow, isn’t racism fun?

does it count as racism, if we’re complimenting their race?
probably…oh well.

i have played uni ping pong. AND WON and I AM CANADIAN.

making generalizations about a race is the definition of racism.

yeah but still its not like they would get offended by getting told they where the best at everything. i mean if some one told me i was the greatest at everything i’d be happy. only thing i am athe best at is like photoshopping chuck norris so that he’s nakedd…