Chilly Riding

Hey all,

Okay I am done making unicycle videos for the year 2007.

It is not very long because of the cold…But I think it should be good :).

I was expecting the quality to be better, so if I get it better I will post a new link to a new site.

Gallery - HQ small

Comments are appreciated :slight_smile:



that was pretty chill.

cool stuff. keep working on those 360s

cool issac! your were soooo close to 360’s. not my favorite of your vids but i find its just not as easy to ride when its cold. dont ask me why

great vid!

i thought you said you were mainly a trials rider:D :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

graet as always…close to the 360 unispin…im getting there too!!!

Thanks everyone,

There it is for youtube.

Please more comments…


good job! I see you’re improving, almost got those 360s now. Also, the mudvayne scored extra points with me (they were a local band here! One of 'em is my friends uncle)

Great vid. I am bummed that it will be your last one for a while.

I am very new to unicycling and I thought that it was interesting that you have your left foot forward, right hand on seat, and jumped to the left. Cause I do everything the same except I jump to the right.

I’m a right foot forward, right handed, hop to to the left man myself. It takes all kinds. Anyways, nice video, maybe a twitch heavy on effects right at the beggining, buts that really a matter taste, eh? Also, I very much so dug the the tune and the riding. Was that a crank flip, I saw in the middle there? If so, very nice stuff! can’t get the little buggers myself.


Thanks, and yes a 1/2 flip, so not quite full, hopefully a full next spring :slight_smile:

good job isaac!
i like your 1ft 180 unispin!:wink:

that was ill dude, everything was good…your mad close to 360 unispins, looks like if you just jump a little higher youll get em, i really liked the one footed 180 unispin that was tight…

Hey ! Nice work there Isaac, I loved it, editing was clean too, as usual. I liked the unispin off the rail and the half flip, keep practicing, I know you’ll get it ! And keep trying for the 3-6 unispin, you’re getting closer.

That’s a nice skate park you’ve got there, maybe you should try to grind those sweet ledges…:wink:


Thanks Hugo.

Yes hopefully will get the 360 unispin this winter or next spring, same with the full flip…

And yes that skatepark, very nice one. The ledges I was going to, but it was SOOOOO Freakin’ cold! Thats why the riding there wasnt that great. Like afterwards I couldnt feel the tip of my finger and took like an hour or so to take that away…Next spring I will have excellent footage for it.

Thanks though!


Wow. Ive only been here about 4 months, but seriously, I am amazed at how quickly you improved. You have gone from strict and loose 180’s to consistant, and fluid 180;s (unispins). I would have thought it would be cool to unispin off that ledge at the park. But that goes back to your last post.

Great job!

Yeah thank you.

Next spring my vid will be pretty sweet :slight_smile:

You cant blame bad riding on the weather being cold, do you not warm up when you ride? Get some gloves and stick some more cloths on and im sure that after a few mins of hopping around you will have taken most of them back off. Its not been too cold here yet but I have been out riding when it has been frosty and I have been in just my pads and shorts riding topless and still sweating.

it gets pretty cold in canada man, whats the coldest you’re ridding at, im ridding at like 10 degrees right now and its very cold, not enough time for a good session, can only be outside for 30 minutes before i have to come in and warm up:(

+1 :o Not one of your better ones IMO, but still good :slight_smile:

Dressed properly you could ride in Alaska in the middle of winter. If George Peck can do it, so can you.

Wear no cotton, but do wear thermals that wick the moisture away and a waterprooof, breathable shell and gloves. Also wear layers so you can remove them when you get hot.