Chilly Riding - Trailer


Okay so this will most likely be my last video for 2007. I hope to film in the next few days. So there is going to be more than just this location in the Trailer…Much more.

The music, this is just for the trailer so I will have something different for the actual vid.

Also the title. There has been Easy Riding by Ryan Atkins and then Busy Riding by Hugo Duguay so I thought there should be Chilly Riding.

So the final thing should be done in a week or so.


Hey Isaac !

Loving the title, but remembering me some bad memories ! :stuck_out_tongue: I see you followed the advices of some people on here, waiting a bit more for your vid will only make it better…and test our patience !

It looks awesome, good work so far ! Please post it soon, I can’t wait to see your new stuff !


shouldnt you wear long sleeves if it is chilly? Im confused

Because the weather outside is Chilly so I wear a long sleeve shirt so I dont get a cold, duh…

Thanks Hugo.

Yeah I waiting it out more so my vids will be better…


good job. but remember… pic better music for your final vid!

Yes I will try, thank you

Good job, I really loved that trailer! Everyone seems to think every unicycle video needs a trailer at the moment, and make these crappy trailers in windows movie maker, but I really loved this. Also the music was perfect for a trailer, what song was it? Nice length too.

Thanks Dustin!

I really appreciate that. The song is called “what ive done - Linkin Park”

But thanks.


Looks Good Isaac cant wait to see it! hope the snow melts.


looks good!:slight_smile: a perfect trailer. way to keep me in suspence:D

no more linkin park PLEASSSSSEEEEEE…the riding looks sick thought:)

yeah i think uni-rule #1 no more linkin park

anyone second this?

but your video is great



I know, aye.

I definetly agree. I wouldn’t mind if everyone was using the same music if it was good music.

Good mork Isaac. Despite the music, looks good.

That was just my attempt to make a point; apparently it did not work.

It worked.

The music doesn’t work with the riding in this case, IMO. Plus it was already used by Jon Atwell in his flat video. It worked there.

Good trailer other than that.

i am just saying i am sick of linkin park in every video
and it didn’t fit

i dont like screaming death metal but i love the krisz shred video
i dont like old music but i love zachs seat drop movie

sorry for the thread jack

you did? It was just some random cd we had and I was like hmm… lets be different:)

whats your sif hieght record