anyone from chicago?

i need people to unicycle with
suburbs or the city lets meet up!

I’m on the southside, In Beverly.
What type of riding do you do?

im practsing street i can only hop and go down 4 sets
im in rogers park

i just watched your youtube video
holy effing christ
you are amazing

nice pedobear /b/tard :wink:

anyway, yeah I live in Michigan City (45 mins from chicago). Id be up for a meet some weekend.

Which one?
Anyway, we should plan a weekend ride downtown sometime or something. My friend and I took the metra up there recently and spent the afternoon riding.
It was fun except we got kicked out of millenium park lol.

yeah totally sounds awesome
maybe you can teach me somethign sometime
cause i suck hardcore compared to you

shh mouse

breaking rules 1 & 2


Really? damn. the sign doesn’t say anything about no unicycling, but i haven’t had teh chance to ride downtown yet. btw, im in arlingotn heights if u wanna know.

Yeah there’s no rule against it but the security guard was like “Well, I’m sure they don’t want that kinda stuff in here” so we just left.

I’m close to Chicago.

(@robdizzle, are you the Rob I rode with a year or so ago in lincoln park and around there?)

There’s a good trials spot right by the zoo. There’s a bunch of rocks and a water fall

Yeah we went there, I think. We got kicked out though.

We really need to organize a big chicago ride.

Yep, we really need to put together a ride someday.
It’s kinda crazy that you got kicked out because there were hardly anyone there when we went.

um no i just started a monthish ago
sorry ill go

ooh i just learned a wraparound mount today yaaay

also i might be doing critical mass on friday

My family and I are going down to the lake at Olive Park Beach tomorrow, Friday at around noon. I’ll bring my unicycle if anyone is gonna be in the area. We could ride around navy pier or something maybe.

hmm i dunno i have class until 2

we have to do that…it’d be sweet… but how many chicago riders do we have? not too many, =(

ive counted five people in thsi thread
sounds fun enough