Cheap uni for work

Thinking about the udc sale. Been wanting a cheap uni to keep at work to practice flat and maybe trials. What doyou think of this? versatile enough? are those cranks too short?

If you think your going to be jumping you may want to consider the “muni” version. It’s pretty much the same, but has a moment hub and 138 cranks. The frame is the 25.4 version if that matters to you.

I don’t know what kind of abuse the aluminum spindle can handle.

I just bought the aluminum hub for very light riding. No jumps, easy trails, etc. from what I gathered during my research, it’s nice and light but NOT for heavy use.

Thinking this might be a better choice:

The aluminum spindle is supposed to be quite strong but personally I would go for the one with the trials wheelset.

With a trials wheelset, KH cranks, and CroMo spindle you can do whatever you want to it without fear of damaging anything. Lend it to friends, let people try it out, they won’t be able to hurt it.

If you don’t end up doing trials you can shave the tire with a belt sander and have a bulletproof freestyle/flat unicycle.

Narrowing it down to this


Either one doesn’t have ideal cranks for my use. 110 seems to short for flatland type tricks, 140 seems a bit too long. I guess I’d rather have a bit too long than too short.

Does anybody really effectively use 110s for flatland? Seems like a very short target for your feet…

just wondering, why reagent+eiffel cranks and not reagent+groovy cranks? (though that doesnt help much since both are 140mm)

Well I’d like the groovy cranks, esp at 130mm, but they are only on the Gravity and I wanted something cheaper. The Regents on sale have 110mm KH Moments or 140 Eifles or knoxx.

I love my 24 muni with 137mm cranks which is about the same as a 20" with 110mms I think, but then again I don’t do flatland/street on my 24–it’s my muni.

So, thinking of the White Regent with 140mm Eifles, then if I want shorter cranks, try to get some used. I’d hate to be stuck with the 110s which might be too short for flatland and trials. The 140s seem more versatile to start with. Then again I already have a KH long neck with 137mm cranks, so why not try something different so I have another size set of cranks…

Uggh, decisions, decisions…

I only realized this earlier as well, and posted about it in this thread: Post Unicycles for sale on other sites here!

the 110mm moments are only $50 right now, so you could get the uni with both cranks for $300…

I didn’t realize how good a deal this was…
Buying somewhat equivalent / cheapest parts for this deal separately…the stock uni is less than half the cost…
groovy cranks: 110
impact frame: 70
cc tire: 45
dominator2 rim: 55
naomi saddle: 75
kh forged post: 30
black spokes: 52.20
nimbus hub: 65
pedal: 25
total ~$527

Just added yet another uni to the stable.

Pulled the trigger on the Impact Regent White:

Now I can have a flatland/trials at work and one at home and never have to be without. I often bike or uni to work, so on those days I have to leave my KH20 at home. Then I don’t get to practice at lunch :frowning:

Plus I love how this one looks. $250 with free shipping. I think that’s a really sweet deal if you look at the specs.

Yeah, the cranks are a bit long, but what the hell. I figure I could always get the 125mm ventures for $65 with free shipping during the holiday season and have a really nice flat and trials uni for $315. Or pony up for more expensive cranks later.

I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

at these cheap sale prices, i’m really curious how many udc sells (or sold this weekend)

nice deal! (also ordered that uni earlier today)

Interestingly there’s not much online about groovy cranks.

I called UDC and nobody could really tell me much about them. They are reported as the same weight as the Eifles, but that could be a misprint.

They also appear rounder and Impact bills them as great for flatland/street–I assume because of the shape. Are they easier to land your foot on? Easier to do grinds on?

I currently do flatland tricks on my KH20 with 137mm cranks. I am aware that’s a bit long for flatland, but I do appreciate them when practicing unispins.

The ones that came with this Impact are only 3mm longer, so probably I won’t notice much difference.

Have you gone through this thread lately?:

KH posts there about his rationale for putting the 110 mm Moments on the KH20 Flatland, but acknowledges that riders have a lot of different preferences for flat. And several of them mention liking the feel of tubular cranks better.

I recently got the Impact 20" Reagent Muni Unicycle - Limited Editon - KH Wheelset

Even at the non-holiday price it’s a good deal, given the build. The wheelset seems particularly nice/well built, and I quite like the KH Street saddle (very comfy; shaped perfectly for how I’m built).

It weighs in @ 4.91kg on my digital scale. I picked up a Maxxis 20x2.1 Grifter to swap for the stock Onza tire for when I pretend to ride/learn flatland stuff; this should save another 400g or so.

A really good deal IMHO; a killer deal @ $250.

Yeah they are all good deals. I wanted the naomi seat though. For my style of riding the seat just gets in the way, so I want something more minimal than the KH street. I also wanted something a bit more versatile which I could use for trials type riding as well.

I went for that one too. The wheel with the Moment hub and 47mm rim was the hook for me. In fact I ordered it on Thursday, as soon as the sale page went up, but I’ve been superstitious about mentioning it online until I got the shipping notification.

But all of the models were still showing “Add To Cart” when I just checked so I assume none have sold out yet, and there’s something to be said for each. I’m still curious about 19" mod trials tires. Maybe there’ll be a chance to pick up an extra wheel to try in that frame later on.

That’s the one I ordered as well. I’m putting a 20x2.25 CST Operative tire on it. As near as I can tell the Operatve is like a wider Grifter.

Good tip on the CST Operative, jtrops. I hadn’t seen that one.

We’ll need a topic for posting pictures when all of these Cyber Weekend/12 Days of Christmas specials start arriving!

Indeed. Thanks for the CST Operative tip. I didn’t know about it, either.

The CST and Maxxis brands are made by the same company. Not surprised there’s a similar tire sold under each name. Generally speaking, CST is the “budget” brand (compared to Maxxis). I’ve found tire workmanship to be the same or very similar between the two, but CST doesn’t get the fancy rubber compounds and/or sidewall technology that Maxxis does.