chain for schwinn giraffe

hey all. i just got my old schwinn giraffe unicycle out of the shed after a long hibernation (10 or so years). it is badly in need of a new chain and i’m wondering if anyone can help me with advice/specs/recommendations in that regard? what sort of chain will work, where to procure, etc. thanks.

I’m sure you could just go to your LBS and see what they have, maybe bring your wheel at the LBS so they can look if they have a chain for it, I know there’s different kind of chains.

Yeah, take it to a bike shop. Any 1/8th inch wide chain should work but you’ll probably need somebody to shorten it to fit the giraffe anyway.

A chain off of any single speed bike should work.that’s what I put on my friends.

Two chains. Be prepared to have to buy two; I seem to remember having to do that. Then let the bike shop Link them together and reduce to the correct number of links (or buy a chain tool). Bring the old chain or make a note of the # of links for a reference.