CFG/XTP Fluo Options

I know there are a bunch of these threads on these koxx one resellers but the stock seems top have gone down just as i decided i wanted a cheap trials.

$210.00 is as cheap as they get, but the Yellow Fluo is the only one I can find anywhere.

Anyone know where i can get different colors for a similar price?? Anything i find is closer to 300.


Ok well I’ll probably just buy the cheapest one I can find and if i really don’t like the colour, paint it.
Even if I buy some new parts, it will be worth it over a more expensive store.

Here Is A Site

I searched a while back for cheap unicycles and I came across this site. They have a few different color XTPs and they have pretty sweat seats.

Check it out!
Marc A. Rogers

Hey thanks! They actually have a few different colors, the white/green one doesn’t look to bad, but it is about $45 more still than the one from overstock.
Almost enough for a whole new rim.

this is not an XTP frame !
here’s a picture of one :

You’re welcome bud. I just bought a Nimbus Vegas for $319.00 with no shipping cost on You should search unicycles on that site.

Not sure what to make of your link?

Have you tried They have the green one on sale now for $215.

I ordered mine last week, and it’ll be here this Wednesday! :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused. The picture here shows the Fluo Green(White rim, green pedals), but the only color option says yellow and black, which is the one available everywhere else.

Can someone Please confirm which one they are selling??


That link doesn’t make any sense to me either.

… & when they (Meijer and the rest of the discount sites), did have actual XTP’s they called them something else. :thinking:

This is what a XTP frame looks like.

I realize these are actually the original devil frames, and that’s fine, I’m just trying to get somehting cheap. They are labelled everywhere as XTP fluos so that’s what I’m calling them.

Looks like yellow and black to me, but I am partially color blind. I don’t care which color I get, as long as the components are as advertised.

Walmart has it in Yellow. But now that I’ve seen both the yellow and green side by side, I hope mine will the latter! :slight_smile:

I am hoping for the green as well, but only if I can get it at the same low price.
Maybe you can let me know when yours comes in tomorrow?
I won’t be ordering mine till Thursday anyways.

Will do. These online resellers have no clue about these unicycles, hence the non-specific “description” and what must be inaccurate weight listing of 15 pounds! (I’m guessing that’s the total shipping weight.) I am curious as to the crank length (I’m assuming 140mm) and if it is Isis standard. Moment cranks and other standard Isis cranks were not compatible with previous K1 versions.

How strong are the xtp fluos? Are the k1 parts compatible with parts from other brands like nimbus or kh?

Pretty damn strong except the frame which can dent. The hub is reinforced and so are the cranks I think. It also has a really strong wheelset so the only part that will break is the frame but that is unlikely too.
As far as compatibility, all I know is that the XTP seatpost would not fit in a nimbus frame. I think the cranks are probably compatible but I haven’t actually tested them.

The Grand “Opening”!

This JUST arrived today, and I put it together then went out back to take these pics. From opening box to backyard shots all in less than 15 min! This is a top quality uni and a great deal at just $215! :slight_smile:

Let the games begin! :smiley:







me k1.jpg

Niiice! Thanks for all the pics! It looks much nicer here. I’m really excited to order mine. Looks like yellow is my only option for the price, but it doesn’t actually look to bad!

Is that shim needed for the seat post or just extra?
Crank length?