Cell Phone Video


The little consistence video I filmed yesterday is finished. It’s got about four and a half hours of riding behind it for a 5:31 long video. With about a minute something as the advertisement/intro, what not. For most of you this will be a horrible movie, I don’t care to hear about switching angles, getting the camera closer, or what not. Keep in mind this vid was to show consistence, no great editing and awesome angles. The riding is also about C- to C+ work. Some parts are sketchy, but you really have to take what you can get sometimes. lol, Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson


Wow, that is incredible quality for a mobile! What phone is it?

This is actually a great video! I like it much more compared to most of your other ones. And you’re amazingly consistent, I think. Well done!

It wasn’t shot with his cellphone :roll_eyes:

nice man!:slight_smile: im new here…

  • was it 11 flip tricks in row?

i didn’t like the video, nothing against the riding, just the vid style, but you did warn us…

I liked the riding a lot, it was all amazing.

Also nice music choice, i was surprised when i heard that song!

I guess the reason I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should is because I assumed you were already always that consistent. With all your videos I got used to you just landing everything so I assumed you rarely mess up. The consistency in this video, is that about average for you or were you aiming for higher consistency. Just trying to bring stuff into perspective. If you aren’t always landing every flip every time you try that boosts my confidence a little bit. Nice job at bringing stuff into perspective, this seemed more like watching an actual ride rather than being spammed clip after clip of singular nonflowing tricks.

That was some great riding. I personally didn’t like the song choice or the fact that you kept showing us the same stuff over and over but that doesn’t matter. Good job.

-connor- :sunglasses:

Benjamins stacked one inch taller than great danes.:slight_smile: I love that song.Great vid. btw you have the same pedals as me.

well that sure is consistancy… im working on being more consistant with my moves aswell (too many hops).

the heat always suks and sometimes i dont even want to ride in it…
all ur stuff is soo clean though…well except ur shirt…

Haha that was funny.

Sorry, my brain has been amputated…

Can someone explain why he called it “Cell-phone video”? I’m confused.

Haha, the only reason I called it the cellphone video is because I thought of that intro, and I did the whole project under that name. That’s all, no reason beyond that.

The level of riding of that vid is about what I would do on a day to day. I mean each camera set up look less than about 15 tries. (Which when you mess up on the first thing like 5 times doesn’t seem like much. lol). The rails set up took only until I hit the long rail blind (about 8 tries) then the rest all went down right away. I was really feeling the flips with the 07 that night. I’m really excited for fluck, i’m hoping I can perform that well.

-Shaun Johanneson

I liked this vid. Seemed really laid back to me.

I know all about the sweaty shirt, Pretty much everday I come from riding and its like that. Shin guards are even worse. :astonished:

That was really really good. I noticed though that you didn’t do as many spins as usual, is this because they are your least consistent stuff?

Great job though even if there are less spins, I can certainly understand why. I also liked the choice of music. It was more layed back and made for a more layed back watch.

that was a sweet video (out in Utah currently, dont on much…would of commented sooner.

Hey Shaun, why do you use an Alex DX32 rim? Why not the KH 07 rim?

His last video said he broke 2 drilled KH rims beyond repair, I’d say thats why.

Oh wow, that’s horrible…