Sorry for the vague title but it really was one! The very first day of the year that I walked onto my balcony and could smell spring deep in my giant nose. You know that smell of thawing earth and drying asphault? Well, I took the one wheel out for a quick spin and to get some pics for RTL.

Thought I’d post a few and brag to those of you north of me.


The others

The other pics


Nice! All our snow melted, well, most of it i should say. Its been relatively chilly though also… Its still about 45 or so at the most this week… Stupid messed up weather… i think its suposed to snow again some time. I like snow for freestyle skiing, snowboarding, snowdogging, and skiboarding. NOT for anything else… Neat pics. It looks nice there… Its sorta rainy every day here also…

Where’s that “global warming” when you need it?:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it’s pretty nice here. I’m sure that within a few weeks we will all be experiencing some closer to ideal weather.

We probably got the same beautiful weather as you did here in Oswego, NY today. I didn’t go for a coker ride, but an evening trials ride. However, when I took in that breath of spring air, my allergies acted up :slight_smile:

What is this “snow” you talk about? Today was the coldest day in about a month here, it only got up to 65 degrees!

You’re in Minnesota, what do you expect? Want to keep the snow in your pocket? Move to Sacramento. 1.5 hours up the road is great skiing (real mountains, multiple resorts) but here it will be about 70 today. In the summer it usually cools into the 60s at night but (full disclosure) it can top 100 during the day. Spring and Fall are the best. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear many of you are finding spring is in the air and are able to take the uni out. (Though I enjoyed the few months of reading about the snow rides.)

On my muni ride today, I picked wild flowers and ate ripe blackberries. YUP you heard me; black berries are ripening, and all is right with the world.

Riding off the track towards my car I must have looked a sight.
Blackberry juice on my face.
A bouquet of wild flowers in my right hand.
All of this clashing with a sweaty face, 661s
And muddy tire. :smiley:

Dude, i’ll show you what i mean sometime, when i post up a vid. It was PERFECT out. Maybe 60’s ish. Tomorrow is suposed to snow 8 inches.