CBSNews Uni Vid

Did anyone see this CBS News production that was done two years ago? I thought it was pretty cool, featuring UDC and out hero, Kris Holm.

haha i wish i went to that school.


Kris Holm has “more scars than skin”? Interesting. That was a quote by Brett (Bloodman) Bymaster in a much earlier TV news clip about the 2nd CA MUni Weekend (1997) That clip was apparently syndicated and a friend of my mom’s saw it on TV in Maine. I wonder if those guys saw it too? Brett said “I have more scar tissue on my knees than skin” most of which happened before he started wearing knee protection… :stuck_out_tongue:

?Do you think that not true?

Yes I think that is not true. Kris is not famous for racking himself up. On the contrary, he’s famous for calculating the stunts he’s done and coming out of them relatively fresh. Not that he hasn’t had a boo-boo or two, but he’s more of a cat than a klutz…

That’s what I would think, but what do I know.