Catboy is Back

Hey its me, a lot of yous guys know me already that’s have been here longer than 6 months. I just haven’t been on lately I lurk every moth or so to just see whats up but haven’t been keeping up with everything going on lately. I have been doing tons of muni though. AT least 1ce a week I go for a ride in the early morning for about 1 1/2 hours an sometimes twice a week. I would go longer I just I have been dancing so darn much I have no time for it other than in like 1 o clock but the its 100° outside so riding is nearly impossible I guess. I just wanted to post to ask what’s been up new in the past six months cause I really haven been reading about products as I have only gone through tires and tubes and 1 set of pedals mainly because I don’t do 6-7 footers like I used to. But have gone for a few 4’ drops and have been doing a lot of off road trials and tons and tons of muni. Just wanted to say hi!


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:thinking: if you highligh this guys face he turns into an alein thought youd like to know.

do we want to know how u figured that out?

:thinking: weird…

That has to be the coolest thing ever…EVER!

:thinking: :astonished: :angry:

Do any of the others do it?

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I always thought it was meow… or is that a cajun cat?? If cajun wouldn’t it be meoux :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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meow is normally a kitten’s first couple of attempts at mewling
as the cat finds it meauwing feet (so to speak) the meauw gathers in timber and character therefore requiring the presence of the ‘…a…’ to indicate the slightly deeper turn in the vocalisation

i wouldn’t venture to comment about the cajun cat 'cause everything i thought about saying could be construed as being racist
if i am correct in assuming the ‘…x…’ u refer to is pronounced [sch], the vocalisation of a cat confronted by a rottweiler may well be transcribed as ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’


Welcome back Catboy! I hope you can make it to MUni Weekend: