Carrying your uni on your bike....

Does anyone have any cunning solutions to carrying your unicycle on your bike to get places to ride if they are too far to unicycle?

Any comments and ideas welcomed.


Well I usually tie my trials to backpack and use b*ke to get where I want. Just that simple :slight_smile:

i concur

cool i used to do that with my 20inch… 24inch is gona be bit more bulky. haha.

Yep I do the same all the time, I use a Dakine Helipack which is designed for carrying skis and boards, and has straps convieniently placed to hold everything. The trials goes on in one piece, I’ve only done it with the KH 24 when walking not on the bike but i think I would probably have to remove the saddle to stop it interferring with the rear wheel.

No clue but you should try carrying your bike on your unicycle first. Oh and post pics:D

I found riding much easier when the unicycle is attached to the bike, not to me. A rack on the back of the bike and lots of bungy cords made carrying a unicycle or two fairly easy…


i usualy use my backpack

but Phil solution is really good

where you put the seats phil ?

I have strapped my trials to my backpack, with my bc in the backpack and ridden places on my 29er like that.

good idea. I’m going to try that, but Im not sure how much it would help because then id ride places on my 24"

I use an external frame pack (opposed to a soft rucksack) and bungie the uni upside-down. I could use just the frame part, but i find the added carrying capacity of the pack’s pockets helpful in toting along protective gear and snacks. I’ve used it to carry a 24" muni about 30 miles (each way) w/ no real discomfort.

[edit] BTW, i got my pack at a thrift store for about $5, a significant huge discount over the new-in-store price at Dicks or Gander mountain.


Thats insane! Is it in good condition?
also, If you have a bike with the little rail holder thing in the back, you might be able to shove the tire through so that it holds.

hey, you’ve got some extra wheels on your bike!

lol. maybe someone could design a uni rack for the back of bikes kind of like they have on cars. That would be awesome.

Haha I have been forced to ride miles on a bike one handed with a unicycle in the free hand, resting on my shoulder.

same with me^^^^^^^^^

If you’re going to do the whole “multiple-wheels” thing, you might as well do it properly… :slight_smile:


Hahahahahaha :smiley:

That’s not something we hear often.

i put the wheelset in the bag and bungie the frame and seat to the bike frame its a bit of work but its easyer than building a rack

ive always liked the idea of carrying your uni on your bike. ive got a bag rack and a couple of ockey straps to hold my uni onto it but ive never done it. mainly because i don’t like the idea of leaving my bike somewhere (even if it is chained up) and then go riding on my uni.