Carpooling to CMW

Hey everyone, I’ve been noticing some talk in the CMW thread about people who need rides there. So this thread is for those people. Just post something on here if you are going to CMW or if you want to go, tell people where you are, if you need a ride, if you can offer a ride to someone, and how many unicycles you plan on bringing. Find someone else on here you can carpool with and get to know them, maybe decide on splitting gas or living costs, and set something up with them. People up north can pick up someone while their going down, and it won’t be far out of their way. I want to make sure everyone who wants to go gets to go. I myself have no way of getting there because both of my parents work full-time jobs and neither of them can take a weekend off. I don’t want other kids or teens like me not go because their parents can’t take them, and carpooling saves gas and emissions! So let’s all save the environment, and carpool! Please, if you can offer a ride to someone, it would mean a lot to them. And you could save money on gas by splitting the cost.

I think I’m driving down on Thursday (from Sacramento and down the 5 or 99) and going back on Sunday afternoon? Not 100% sure but we can work from there if you’re interested…

Thanks, John. I’m trying to work something out with Jamey right now, but thanks very much.

Hey everyone,
If someone is driving by UCLA on Friday (or Thursday afternoon) and heading back Sunday afternoon and is willing to give me a ride, let me know. I have a math midterm Monday morning so I have to be back at school Sunday.

i live in thousand oaks and i need a ride down there. i could have my mom drive me out to the 5 or 99 and meet you if you would be willing to give me a ride. i will pitch in for gas

Ok so you have a lil better of a title :wink:

Edit: I know of another rider in the Anahiem area who is also seekin a ride to CMW

I’m flying in to San Diego, arriving at 10:30 AM on Friday. Are there others coming in that morning, or who might be coming from San Diego proper, headed to Escondido for the afternoon ride?

I’m set for the rest of the weekend, but I need a ride to the MUni ride, and then to dinner afterward.