carbon fiber pedals?

Hey I was wondering what anyone thinks of carbon fiber pedals with metal pins. I think they would be awesome but im not sure how they would fare on grinds. any comments?

Do they actually make them or is this just your idea?

I’ve never seen them available, so im not even sure if these are even made, yet =p but i never really searched that hard, so maybe they have some out there =p

sounds like it might be a neat idea…for grinds im pretty sure you’d need a grind plate though. they would kill quite a bit of weight tho. good idea.


yea, it’s my idea. I think it would be pretty sweet. I think theyd be expensive though. Ive never seen them made but in my experience anything that carbon fiber is awesome.


I think that they would need grind plates. From what I know carbon fibre would not slide that well. They would be expensive, because they are carbon fibre. But they would be light, and hopefully they would not be brittle because carbon fibre can be. I dont know how you could make these yourself and I dont know anyone that could build them for you, but if you can do it, go ahead!

Carbon fiber doesn’t do well with impacts or anything that causes scrapes or gouges. Putting metal pins securely in a carbon fiber pedal would also be problematic.

I believe they do have carbon fiber pedals for road bikes. They’re clipless pedals (the type of pedal where you have a cleat on your shoe and click in like ski bindings). I don’t see carbon fiber platform pedals working at all.

A good portion of the weight in a platform pedal is the spindle. Figure out a way to lighten the spindle without affecting strength (so you don’t end up bending spindles) and you’ll lighten the pedal. Standard spindle designs need to be solid chromoly steel to have the necessary strength. Titanium works if you’re a lightweight rider and don’t go big. Figure out a way that you could have an oversized hollow steel spindle and you could save some weight.

But, the best way to lose the most weight with carbon fibre would be to make a carbon fibre frame… :smiley:

Maybe some carbon fibre cranks? I think i’ve seen those

why pins ? it’s for grinding ? who needs pins for grinding ? :sunglasses:

what about titanium spindles and lexan grind plates. the actual pedals could be spiky instead of pins. A carbon fiber frame wouldnt work onless it was reinforced with metal. my friend had a carbon fiber fork on his bike. ive seen it fold and hes 60 pounds.

also i never knew that carbon fiber ould be brittle. i thought it would be pretty strong.

Well, for example, they hard carbon fibre spokes for a while and they were dangerous 'cause they broke, and when they broke they really went boom.

lol i just thought of the most expensive but lightweight freestyle uni ever. 20in. wheel, 36 titanium spokes, carbon fiber frame, carbon fiber cranks, carbon fiber seat post, carbon fiber pedals, and a comfy gel saddle. oh yea a carbon fibor hub and rim. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone have any ideas of how i could aquire some carbon fiber pedals with titanium spindles? If i asked and send pictures does anyone think that UDC could make them? I take drafting classes so I know how 2 draw.

does anyone like my idea for the freestyle uni?:stuck_out_tongue:

Naw, build the whole thing out of diamond. Find a way to make it one piece. I mean, who needs splined when you have diamond cranks fused to a diamond hub. And a really nice tire.

I bet that would be heavy.

no duh?:stuck_out_tongue: lol i like youre idea but as far as I know it would be like 99999 million dollars and impossible… good suggestion!:stuck_out_tongue:

I take that back, if there was a a way to fuse diamand together it would be possible, just heavy;)

Well a full carbon fiber freestyle uni would be super light but it would cost ALOT. I don’t know anything really about CF so I don’t know if it would really work. All I know is that I wouldn’t spend $1000s more to get a freestyle uni even lighter (they are generally super light anyway). Maybe someone would want one though…

lol my new KH trials is enough for me. I was mainly thinking of CF pedals. I think that with a titanium spindle, a lexan grind plate, and some nice grip it would be a great pedal. It would also be lightweight and gymsafe:p