carbon fiber/aluminum frame

Why don’t you make a name out of your first names? Your first name is already interesting enough that I’m sure you could come out with something original.

haha ya his name is kyle so it would end up being JK uni and then we would be a joke. haha

or JaKy unicycles.

Jaryle unicycles?

hahaha ya thought of those but i want a name that makes people interested not think WTF

Or you could switch em around… KJ Unicycles.

Good to see it’s taking shape finally. I like the design so far. I would be interested in 26" and or 36" frames that have KH/Schlumpf compatible bearing holders and if possible magura brake bosses. Maybe one could epoxy brake bosses onto the frame?

ya we were thinking about some bolt on brake mounts and im gunna have to work something out for the schlumpf. its hard to make a compatible bearing holder when i dont have one to make compatable with. if there is anyone in the SLC utah area that has a schlumpf and would like to help us out let me know.

You could take a regular KH hub to test it, because they’re supposed to be the same. If that one fits then the titanium one will fit as well…

From the schlumpf website:

oh cool thanks that will help alot. we machined out the bearing holders and then we had a small clearance issue so we have to fix that then we have alot of weight reduction to do on them. but as is with all the pieces not cut to size and alot of weight reduction to go we are at 505g. we are aiming to get it down to 350 or under by the end of the weight reduction. ive been told we will be atleast down to 400 and they say they dont think anyone will be able to break it.

Now there is a statement that a lot of people are going to jump on.

hahahahaha ya i know. my brother told me that and all i could think is pshh we will see about that. but i hope im wrong. they do build race car engines over there so they must partially know what they are talking about but i think they under estimate the amount of stress we can put on a frame.

350 grams for the whole frame?! or the crown piece?

whole frame. not including seat clamp. right now whole frame is just over 500 grams with a lot of weight reduction left to do

350 :astonished: 500 is a great starting point. Good job !

Looking good so far. I cant wait to see how well it holds up after getting bashed into rails, edge, falling down stairsets, and all the pulling and twisting from flat.

What kind of price are we talking here. I’m highly interested in getting one.

well i have been planning on selling them through uniproshop so im not sure how much he will be selling them for. if you want a custom length longneck you would have to buy it strait from me, cash only. it seams like the average price people were looking at was around 250 but we will have to see how much the production cost turns out to be.

Well done again on getting this far. Hope this is a big success for you.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I am in for a 36 if they happen.

Good luck!


You might consider a 36" V-frame, as long as you are designing things. Talk to some of the people here, they may have designs you could use to put it together. A carbon-fiber 36" V-frame would be very cool. :sunglasses: