carbon fiber/aluminum frame

hey guys i am making some frames from carbon fiber and cnc machined alu (like the koxx XTP but not as big and bulky). i was just looking for your thoughts and ideas on it. especially about what you think a reasonable sales price would be. i will have a prototype made in a couple of weeks and i will get some pictures up so you have a better idea of it.

I think it’d be really cool. Since people here say they’re going to make frames, and havent been, so it’d be cool if someone actually made one soon.

ya i have been planning it for a while and now my dad has a church friend that runs a composit company so we can get the carbon fiber and my brother works at a racing engine shop and they are going to machine out the alu. parts so it will be verry precise.

Is the carbon legs solid ?

really cool dude. You had asked in your first post about pricing, I’d say aruond $250 maybe, thats my normal price for every frame that someone says they’ll make. Since its normall Ti frames and stuff. We’ll have to see what your designs are, and what it can stand up to first, cause alu and CF arent the strongest materials. (being that alu can break if enough force is exerted, and CF can crack if scratched).

Well depending on how it looks, how long it lasts, ect. I would spend around (if i had the money) $175-275 US.

You would be doing 20" frames, 42mm bearing housings, and 27.2mm seat tubes? right?

they are pretty thick walled but not sollid. about 3/16 thick should be strong enough

cool that’s about how much i was hoping for and yes to all of those measurments. i can make 24inch frames and bigger also because all i need to do is cut the carbon fiber to different lengths and keep the top part the same for the different sizes. i can also easily do long neck frames as well

ya we are having a racing engine producer help us with all the engineering and machining so it should be very durable.

im planning on having cody williams (unicaw) test it. who if you know him you know he has a knack for breaking every thing on his unicycle. im not gunna sell any untill i know its durable enough

does your brother work in the motocross\sx or the road bike industry ?
maybe i know him ?

Nice to hear he will test it. You would be able to do any lenght got longnecks right? (even if it isnt long, 240cm)

Now I need some money.

no he builds cosworth racing engines and vintage racing engines. no motorcycles

ya i can do anything you want.

oop’s my bad !

Well the frame sounds cool, good luck !
Post pics soon !

Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor. I think a lot of people would be willing to pay over 200 if it survives stress testing and is lighter than a KH. I’m curious to see how this goes.

Isnt carbonfiber rather prone to chipping, cracking and getting punctures when its hit into a rock or ledge?

not to burst anyone’s bubble but I don’t think that carbon would really be a suitable material for trials frames.

Like Jerrick said Carbon fiber frames do not handle sharp impacts from the side very well. I also think that the CNC crown will likely eliminate the weight savings of the short carbon legs.

On a larger frame it might make more sense. I would like to one day build a custom carbon V frame for a 36er

While it may not make that much sense to build a carbon/aluminum trials uni it would still sell because:

Custom = Cool
Carbon fiber = Cool
Nice CNC bits = Cool

And it sounds like you have a good team to work with.

I could be in for a coker frame if you are interested in making one :slight_smile:

I saw an awesome titanium/CF mix on a bike frame. It had an internal carbon fibre skeleton surrounded with metal.

I’ve had a google and found THIS which shows you what I mean. I doubt you’d be able to make a similar set up for unicycles with the different stresses and all, but it’s a nice thought.