Caption competition

I’ll second that… info at gb4mfg dot com

If only he would’ve listened to the sign and not gone 10 km/hour over that damn speed bump…

Roger, Can you guys post the results on this forum when you’re done or at least the info on how to get the results. Thanks.

Yes sure, I will post here as well. There have been loads, it is fun.

On the x-rated ones… I may let a few sneak out. :slight_smile:

I wonder if we could do this on a regular basis? does anyone else have any suitable pictures? I may have a couple others.


WARNING: speed limit will be strictly enforced!

Re: Caption competition

<> wrote in

> Unfortunately the best one so far we can not post!
> Roger

That’s gonna leave quite a few of us here wondering what the hell the
caption was, and of course who the hell said it.


I could see this creating some good ones:

" John had just went his first 50 ft on a unicycle, his friend thought it would be funny for him to try this new one. She said it was even easier than a regular one, John was only smiling because he knew the camera was there… "

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well… my favourate at the moment is so simple…


Speed limit enforced by clothesline.

Speed limit enforced by taco machine.

I love it! ok then, if it is ok with you… lets say starts 1st December finishes 12th December? I will do a prize again, if that is ok?


Bent the wheel pulling it out, but what a relief eh!

Best caption ever. This one almost brought me to tears, but I actually couldn’t do anything for about 20 seconds as I was laughing so hard. I would buy a poster of that picture if this caption was attached to it, I think they should be distributed. So damn funny.

if you’re allowed multiple entries then here’s another…
woman: THAT’S not where you check for a pulse.

Re: Re: Re: Caption competition

Speed Hump In Transit, obviously


I like this whole prize thing. :smiley:

im a grizzly redhaired dude, how about you…oh i see…anyone got a razor?

i think this one could be fun

Ah, you may like it now… but be warned I am going to let Miark pick it. :slight_smile:


I knew I shouldn’t have been so nice on the prize for the Broken daino Caption Contest :wink: . daino149, did the package and and bonus material arive?

Of course, that one was inspired by the Broken Mojoe Caption Contest and the Broken Mojoe Caption Poll by the most excellent rhysling.