Caption competition

There are only a few days left with our little caption competition, if you would like to join in, please feel free to.

There is a prize for the one that makes us laugh the most, not sure what it is at the moment.


Like Drinking and Driving…
Rubber and Plastic pedals don’t mix !!!

Toronto Canada

“You mean you guys love taco pie too?!?”

“you were right the wheel is bent”

“Hey guys, I’m a speed ramp!”

That was amazing! I’ve never seen somone get so much air off a speed ramp before.

10 for air time, 2 for the landing.

“oh my god, its raining unicyclists!”

Woman: Hey, this man fell off his unicycle, what a perfect chance to steal his wallet!
Hairy Man: Nevermind that, I’m stealing his virginity.

Re: Caption competition

Mate, are you okay? I thought I explained that we hadn’t installed the
bent hub yet!

Classic! I love it! Thats gotta be the winner!

Oh, one small detail we left out…land on the pedals first when attempting the suicide mount…

That’s my favourite. :slight_smile:


i’m sticking with my ‘Breathe…Breathe…now PUSH!’

Another of lifes little mysteries, like the ol’ chicken and egg conundrum: “Which fell first? The unicyclist or the unicycle?”


“Humpty dumpty was pushed, this guy asked for it.”


“The wobbly wheel unicycle experiment”


“keep tickling me, I think my nuts are loose”


Hey it’s almost 1am…I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense.

Uncyclist: 0
Speed bump: 1

just remember to go to the link in the first post and enter your captions there
i doubt if forum-entries will be accepted

It is ok posting here, we will collect them from here as well… It does look like the rude ones come by email and the polite ones are on the forum.
Unfortunately the best one so far we can not post!



Send the best one so far to me by e-mail at:

info at bedfordunicycles dot ca

I could use a laugh,

“attack of the facial hair”